May you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve. — Unknown

Need some Christmas celebration inspiration? We’ve got everything from glittering decorations to gingerbread house building tips, eggnog recipes and elves, to family fun events. Even your inner Grinch will find food and drinks that Santa will love year after year.

Christmas Gifts Checklist

It seems like every time I walk into a store in the past month, I've seen something that would make a great Christmas gift -- for SOMEONE. I can't remember WHO all I'm buying for, but I'm pretty sure it would be PERFECT for (fill in the blank when I remember). ...

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When Should You Replace Your Artificial Christmas Tree?

This post is sponsored by King of Christmas. All opinions are my own. The holiday countdown has started… It’s time for your annual tree-wrestling match where it’s you vs. the stairs to bring that bad boy down from the attic onto center stage. Maybe you even have more...

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How to watch Hallmark Christmas Movies

It’s go time. November 1. Let’s do this holiday thing baby! It’s the official kick-off to Christmas and you’ve got to get your head right. Are you mentally ready to take on the rigors of the wreath season? And how exactly do you do that? With a good ole Hallmark...

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How to make a Grinch Holiday Door Decoration

True Story: When my husband and I were newly married, he used to be a real stick in the mud about the holidays. We were always bickering about when to put up the tree(s), whether they should be real or fake, how many holiday decorations inside and out. Just the...

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Holiday Planning the FUN Way!

Don’t stress when the holidays roll around. Get started early with this FUN step-by-step guide!

Reliant’s 5th Annual Gingerbread House Decorating Challenge for Charity

December has me all giddy for gingerbread. It likely has a lot to do with the Reliant Energy®'s 5th Annual Gingerbread House Decorating Challenge which took place earlier this month. Big love to Reliant for inviting me to participate, as it provides such a fun...

15 Ways to “Give Back” During this Holiday Season

The holidays are crazy, I get it. But let's slow down for a minute a remember why we're all dashing about making our flocked trees Insta-perfect and our 1st world lattes all junipered up. As important as it is to find that perfect gift, let's make an effort to show...

Meaningful Christmas Giving – A “Three Wise Men Christmas”

Do you find yourself dreading the commercialism of the upcoming holidays? The demand for “stuff” from your kids can be overwhelming and giving in, can damage your bank account. I’ve seen plenty of moms embrace the 4 gift rule: 1 gift they want, 1 gift they need, 1...
How to prepare for Elf on the Shelf

How to prepare for Elf on the Shelf

It’s time to prepare for elf n the shelf.  Yes, Moms, I know.  It’s a fun but hard few weeks. Lots of creativity, lots of things to remember. It’s so worth it every morning to see your kids happily find the Elf on the Shelf in its new location and up to...

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Gifts and Gift Subscriptions for Pets

This post is sponsored by Just Right Pets by Purina. All opinions are my own.  We all struggle to find the perfect gift for our friends, am I right? This time of year, especially, the pressure is high to wow the people that mean the most with standout gifts that...

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4th Annual Reliant Gingerbread House Competition

It's become tradition. Every December, I eagerly await the invitation from Reliant Energy to participate in their media showdown for Gingerbread House decorating. It's feeds my inner desire to be on Cake Wars, Cupcake Wars, Halloween Wars, Great British Bake Off,...

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Family Holiday Fun at Enchant Christmas

This post was sponsored by Enchant Christmas. All opinions are my own. Prepare to be WOWED. Enchant Christmas is a family experience you don’t want to miss. Making it’s first US debut, this incredible holiday experience is really all that.   There are 23+ foot...

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Minty Chocolate Eggnog

If you read my recent interview with Stephanie Hollman, you'll know that we were talking about the holidays. Well, egg nog and the holidays. Seems we both have a shared appreciation for the egg drinks this time of year. She is responsible for me craving her recipe for...

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Stephanie Hollman talks about the Holidays

Aside from entertaining us on the hit Bravo TV show, the Real Housewives of Dallas, Stephanie Hollman off camera is a breath of fresh air. Beautiful, down to earth and big hearted, she shared a few minutes of her crazy schedule to chat with me about the upcoming...

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Tips for Decorating A Gingerbread House

How cute are all the gingerbread houses that kids decorate each year?! They’re adorable and nothing is more fun than family time for this team project. Well, and eating the candy, right? Half for the house, half for our bellies? Some kids approach decorating a...

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How to make snow globe ornaments

Oh my heart. How I love these snow globe ornaments with little miniature vignettes in them! I’m slightly obsessed with making them, maybe because I stockpiled ornaments when they went on sale last year? Or maybe because they are so stinking cute?! Either way, get...

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Easy to make teacher ornaments

Are you making your shopping lists for the teachers this year? It's so hard to give them something memorable, right? While I typically resort to gift cards, I like to add a little something personal as well. Last year, I made these simple ornaments to go with their...

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