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I always say, if you aren’t yelling at your kids, you’re not spending enough time with them. – Reese Witherspoon

Look, I am not the perfect mom. We all fail sometimes, but parenting is not about being perfect. It’s about doing the best you can and what’s right for you family. These are the best days, and maybe some of the hardest, but the love and laughter, and watching that tiny human blossom, makes it all worthwhile.

Downloadable eLearning Signs and Door Hangers

Did it take you a minute to get your head around the whole eLearning, virtual school thing? Yep, me too. There's a whole generation of moms out there that now have a new appreciation for their kids' teachers. But it's not just wrangling your kids through the...

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Where I Sell My Stuff

Decluttering is good but it’s even better when you can make a little money. Here are the places I sell my stuff to get you started on clearing out preloved clothes and items.

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How virtual schooling impacts families

It’s no secret that life as a newly minted home school parent is not without challenges. Here’s how parents say it’s affecting them, and a little gift for you to get some “me” time.

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49 virtual learning and online activities for parents who have run out of things to do

I hear you, parents. It's tough at home, keeping the kids engaged with school, finding things for them to do so you can get some work done. Replacing their socialization time with ANYTHING that they aren't bored with in 2.2 seconds. I know it's hard and I hope I can...

5 ways virtual schooling is impacting families

Parents working from home while kids are virtual schooling can be a challenge. Ahem, understatement. If you have younger children, your work/school balance is likely very difficult to manage. You’re working ridiculously late at night, your video conferences are a...

Behind every great Girl Scout, is a great cookie mom

The postman has nothing on a Girl Scout mama. Through wind, rain, sleet, heat, snow, ice, she's voluntarily out there with blankets, umbrellas, sun screen and a smile,  all to help her kid hustle cookies. Her groceries ride in the passenger seat because her...

Teach Kids About Responsible Drinking

My Facebook messenger exploded last night and continues to burn my battery up this morning with new comments every few seconds. It is a tsunami of messages from my Alpha Gamma Delta sisters –– all compassionately offering love and contributions for one of our...

Child Passenger Safety Week

Child Passenger Safety: What You NEED to Know! Last week I attended a safety academy in Dallas with other moms from Bloggin’ Mamas. The academy was a Nissan Diversity Event and was held in conjunction with Child Passenger Safety Week 2017, which ran from September...

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How I get my kid to love to read

You may have seen my IG post recently about my hail mary effort to get the Cupcake to start reading again before school starts with a collection of comic books -- all the comic books she wants. She’s a GREAT reader, in fact she tests at the top of the charts on...

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How my daughter running track changed my life

I’m raising a tiny athlete. She loves sports and has an insatiable appetite for soccer and basketball. Though this summer, she asked to add track and field into her sporty mix. Having been a track junkie growing up, I wasn’t about to say no – although I had some...

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Simple Back to School Celebration Ideas

The Cupcake is not excited for the end of summer but she did utter – and then take back really quickly – that she was looking forward to school starting. Oops. She loves shopping for school supplies and a new backpack and seeing her friends, but the easy breasy summer...

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How to get great kids photos

Post and GIVEAWAY BELOW sponsored by Woodsy Wonders Photography. I am a self-proclaimed photo junkie. Framed grins tug at my heartstrings. I stalk Shutterfly for sales so I can put them everywhere. I love a good gallery wall of smiling faces. And while I...

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Kids Summer Checklist

How did it happen that today is the last day of school already?! I might be freaking out a little that I officially have a 3rd grader - and that she has the whole summer on her hands. Or rather, my hands as we'll be home together. Me working, and her being 8 every...

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It’s all about the cake

When you’re 7 and 8 years old, puppies and cake are high on your list of favorite things in life. When given a handful of charity options to pick from for your Brownie Troop service project, you gravitate to anything with animals. Every. Single. Time. Not that there’s...

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Open letter to that ONE parent who’s not on social media

I bet you have a friend that isn’t interested in social media, not even Facebook. Do they complain that they never know what’s going on? Or maybe you are in charge of a group that communicates primarily through Facebook or another social media tool – and for that ONE...

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