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From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere. – Dr. Seuss

Goodness… if you can’t laugh through life, you’re not doing it right. I try to find the humor in everything – even if it takes a few days to find it! When your day goes hilariously wrong and every best-laid plan goes awry, all you can do is share the humor of it with your friends. Enjoy!

Pampered Chef Freezer Meals Workshop Review

Pampered Chef Freezer Meals Workshop Review

So these freezer meal workshops from Pampered Chef…. Yes, I went to one last night and let me tell you, I was a bit surprised, stressed, excited, and exhausted. Here’s my honest, no holds barred assessment. I’ll even shatter some of the selling points that you’ll hear...

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My first fantasy football draft

My first fantasy football draft

I still think the GMC folks have been spending too much time on that BBQ smoker they drag around behind the NFL truck to think that a building a league of MommyBloggers was a brilliant idea. I hope no one gets fired because largely, the Mommies are all clueless. If...

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Leaving our mark at Neiman Marcus

It’s a good thing that I am incapable of actually dying of embarrassment. Because if I could, it probably would have happened on our recent trip to Neiman Marcus. We went for lunch. The hubs, the Princess and myself. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and Princess was...

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The Pimp and the Sweaty Soiree

I need a new GPS because I saw an honest-to-God pimp on the way to the Four Seasons of all places. No lie. I know this because he was wearing the to-the-ground long fur vest, a huge mac-daddy wide brim hat. Gold rimmed sunglasses. The dark colored car with black...

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Cooking with Beef

The cool kids invited me to sit at their lunch table.  I have arrived. Yes, I guess this is the point at which I am allowed to admit that I am a Mommy Blogger. @TexasHolly of June Cleaver Nirvana and @DFWBloggers teamed up with the Texas Beef Council to sponsor a...

Angela LeMond and the Texas Beef Council

Dietitians frighten me. They do. I lump them in the category with my Pastor. I’m afraid if they spend too much time around me, they’ll find out the truth. That I may thrown down a cuss word when I step on a Lego or that I may be known to, on occasion, take my child to...

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