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Easy to Make Gift Card Idea

Here’s the situation: the teenager had a gift exchange at high school and she wanted to keep it simple with a Starby’s gift card and some Sour Patch Kids. (Yawn) But unfortunately for her, she’s my kid, and we can’t roll with straight up boring gifts. We did get the gift card and the candy, but with her approval,  I dressed it up a bit by turning it into this adorable snowman holding the gift card, and the jar was filled with chocolates.

We stuffed it into a gift sack with some tissue, and off she went. As luck would have it, a guy got her gift straight away in the white elephant exchange. Then another guy stole it. Then ANOTHER guy stole it and it was done. Here I thought the girls would like it best… go figure.

easy and fast to make gift card snowman how to

So what makes this so magical? I’m guessing it’s the hands that are actually a phone/table holder. And the best part about this whole project is that it was super inexpensive. The hands were from the Dollar Tree! And so was the snowman head (it’s a Christmas ornament). I already had the mason jar and ribbon, so the only extra item we purchased was a small bag of individually wrapped Dove candies.

This gift card idea is super easy to put together – you can watch the video below for details, but basically, you glue the head onto the top of the lid of the jar. You can use hot glue, or E6000, or I prefer this low-odor glue from SuperTite. Fill the jar with the candy. Put the lid on. Glue the hands to the jar (use hot glue for this part so it’s easy to take apart). Put the gift card into the hands. Tie scrap ribbon around the jar lid as a scarf and glue down, carefully so you don’t glue the jar shut). Done.

This literally took me MAYBE 10 minutes to put together.

And don’t you know that I went back to the Dollar Tree for more ornaments (the Santas work well too) and hands because my teen gift list was long. Sadly, I could only find a couple of hands, but I did find a whole box of them on Amazon (affiliate link: https://amzn.to/3HnW3Ae  ) so now I’m well stocked for next year — or I’m thinking maybe bunnies for Easter if I can find some heads! Note: the Amazon version of the hands are slightly larger. I ended up using some rubber bands to hold the hands together on the jar instead of gluing them.

easy crafting Christmas gift card holder
easy Christmas jewelry gift idea
christmas gift card idea easy to make

I can’t take credit for this genius gift card hack – I saw it on a Facebook group and knew I had to try it. I’d 100% give credit to whoever created it first if I knew who it was! If it was you, THANK YOU!!! This was the best craft hack of Christmas!


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