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There are planner people, and there are the rest of us, lol. I’m actually somewhere in-between. I like my planner, but I use it somewhat less conventionally, but I also use a digital schedule so there’s that. I am, however, a list person, and I always have a solid list going. To me, that’s kind of “planner-lite.” You’ll find a few annual planners and event organizers below that I think both the planner people, and the list people can be happy with. I hope you find them useful!

Annual Planners

Craft Planner

I made the craft planner because I’m always making something (and buying supplies). I’m 100% guilty of getting a project lined up and pivoting to another. This is a way for me to get all those handmade gifts done in time and keep the supplies list handy. I hope it helps you stay organized too!

Prayer Planner

The prayer planner is dear to my heart because I’m always saying to someone, “I’ll keep your family in my prayers.” At the end of the day, sometimes there are so many people and reasons to look above, that I need a little reminder. This planner is broken up week over week for the entire year.

Event Organizers

Thanksgiving Planner

I put this planner together because I’m the one who always spearheads the family get-together. My Dad asks me to get everyone’s arrival and departure details, the meals we’re having, who’s making what and who’s shopping where. It never fails that we have too much food, but at least we’re organized! I hope this helps you get your arms around your Thanksgiving feast and family get together too. 

Elf Planner

I feel like I’m a pro-level with the Elf antics, so I peeled back the curtain on how I got that way and keep coming up with original ideas for our elves (yes, we have two!). This is the secret to how I manage the Christmas Elf and stay sane doing it! 

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Hey y’all!

Everyday should be a party, but that would be EXHAUSTING! I do like to plan for a big bash though. Here’s a few ways that we like to level up holidays and celebrations!

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