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A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. – Henry Adams

How on earth do you thank a teacher?! I mean, YOU know what it takes to get your kid to listen and learn! Don’t panic about last minute ideas, I’ve got you covered. We have plenty of cute last-minute ideas for printables, ornaments and gifts that are both fun and memorable.

Easy teacher gift

This post brought to you by 1-800-Flowers.com - all ideas and opinions are my own. SOMETIMES teacher giving sneaks up on you. Even when think you're prepared, there's something about May that tosses chaos into the planning for absolutely anything. It's also times like...

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Easy to make teacher ornaments

Are you making your shopping lists for the teachers this year? It's so hard to give them something memorable, right? While I typically resort to gift cards, I like to add a little something personal as well. Last year, I made these simple ornaments to go with their...

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Teacher Gifts: The truth about what teachers really want

“I’m not giving teachers lotions and soaps and food crap anymore!” On a recent episode of Mommy Upgrade Live, my co-host and BFF of a thousand years, Molly, made the above statement – EMPHATICALLY. Molly recently had the opportunity to spend a couple of days in an...

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Teacher Appreciation Day – easy ideas and free downloads

Teacher Appreciation Day – easy ideas and free downloads

Y’all. It’s Teacher Appreciation Week. You need gifts! With cute tags. Because we all know that the packaging is what makes a gift, right? I’ve got your back because we are all so last minute and we are in this together! Here’s a roundup of my favorite free download...

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Flowers for Teacher Appreciation Week

Sometimes, the Princess Cupcake and I don’t see eye-to-eye on our creative endeavors. Like I REALLY wanted to put a photo silhouette of her in these flower for Teacher Appreciation Week (like the soccer ball cake). I had two copies of the perfect photo of her in a...

Apple Cupcakes for Teacher Appreciation Week

“Mommy, those look like APPLES!” That’s what the Princess Cupcake said when she came downstairs for breakfast this morning and saw our “snack” for the class. She was looking at these apple cupcakes that I made, at the very last minute mind you, for Teacher...

Super easy cute teacher gift

The Princess Cupcake prefers to be called, "Cupcake" now that she's in the "big girl" class at school. "Princess Cupcake" is soooooo little girl. However, "Princess Cupcake Superman" is still allowed. Yes, the pre-school years started for us with a lot of fanfare. It...

I made “6-Layers of Sexy” for the Teachers. Oh yes, I did.

Minus the naked dolls. I left those off. Not that they don’t see naked baby dolls being catapulted across their 2 year old classroom daily, but I thought they’d appreciate a break from plastic anatomically correct females in the buff jumping out of the top. I’m...

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