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Super easy cute teacher gift

The Princess Cupcake prefers to be called, “Cupcake” now that she’s in the “big girl” class at school. “Princess Cupcake” is soooooo little girl. However, “Princess Cupcake Superman” is still allowed.

Yes, the pre-school years started for us with a lot of fanfare. It ushered in uniforms and early drop-offs and lunches she can eat by herself. And a thermos. Let’s not forget the highlight for her – a red crayola shaped thermos, for which she told me that her friend Emma didn’t like it.

“Why doesn’t Emma like your thermos?”

“She said it wasn’t beautiful.”

Sigh. And so it begins.

But what stays the same is that we like to be a little extra kind to our teachers each year by bringing them special surprises. And Princess Cupcake Superman is always game for giving gifts.

I cannot take any credit for this idea because I saw it online (link below) and adapted it for us. It could not be easier:

  1. While in Michaels one day, picked up Duff’s clear food tubes, (especially designed for giving gifts of goodies that go straight to your hips), black and white ribbon, a piece of pink striped scrapbook paper.
  2. Stopped at TiffsTreats on the way home the same day to use my almost expired Groupon to get a variety “homemade” decadent cookies.
  3. Printed out this template.
  4. Cut it out, put a hole in the top and rubbed the edges with a ink pad that I can’t believe it’s still good since it’s been years since I’ve used it. Those Stampin’ Up people know what they’re doing…
  5. Dropped the cookies in the tube, realized I should have gotten more cookies because it didn’t fill all the way up.
  6. Cursed.
  7. Found the only color tissue paper I had (no scrinklies either unfortunately, that would have been cute) and stuffed it in the bottom.
  8. Picked up the tube and all cookies and tissue fell out.
  9. Cursed again. To which the hubs who was observing all of this said, “You sure are going to a lot of trouble to give someone some cookies.”
  10. Found tape and affixed bottom of tube to sides so weighty cookies don’t land all over the school hallway floor. Or worse yet, on my kitchen floor and annihilated by the pug frenzy.
  11. Wrapped ribbon around tubes and pulled both sides through the holes in the tags and tied a bow.
With You As My Teacher – I’ll Be One Smart Cookie!
smart cookie teacher gift

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  1. Those are adorable…will be stilling your idea one day. And men….they just don’t get it. My DH is the same way!


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