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Behind every great Girl Scout, is a great cookie mom

The postman has nothing on a Girl Scout mama. Through wind, rain, sleet, heat, snow, ice, she’s voluntarily out there with blankets, umbrellas, sun screen and a smile,  all to help her kid hustle cookies.

Her groceries ride in the passenger seat because her trunk is so full of Thin Mints she can’t fit anything else in  there. She has a  “It’s Cookie Season!” magnet on her car doors.

That’s not a real estate sign in her yard, it’s a Cookie Season sign, and never mind the HOA, she’s not taking it down until that last box is sold.

Her friends know that in order to see her from mid-January to end of February, it’ll require a $4 investment.

When a booth becomes available, she drops her plans like a driver who sees a state trooper, because she wants needs to get  her girl there to sell out her cookie inventory and earn that prize.

She talks in her sleep, reciting ingredients of all 8 cookies, the vegan, and gluten-free… and has nightmares of what to do about counterfeit bills.

She’s herding Daises in an effort to not chase down customers in the parking lot, encouraging the shy Brownies to SPEAK UP so people can see them, dragging girls out from under the tables where it’s just too tempting NOT to create a nap time fort with all those cookie cases, and for Pete’s sake, she’s constantly reminding them to LOOK THE CUSTOMERS IN TH EYE WHEN YOU’RE TALKING TO THEM.

She’s on repeat, offering up lessons in upselling, safety, and the right way to deal with difficult people.

She’s handing over her wallet at JoAnn, so her girls can pick out decorations for the “bling your booth” contest, because she knows “cute” sells.

She’s casting a heartfelt look to the customer who says he coaches a hockey team that needs an after-practice treat and he’d like whatever cases you have left that day.

These are the loving mamas who are enabling the troops’ bank accounts to swell  so girls can attend incredible camps, have field trips to observatories to learn about space, take tours of vet clinics because they want to be a vet one day, and change the lives of the less fortunate in their communities with impactful service projects. These ladies are committed to teaching our future leaders valuable lessons about goal setting, every aspect of running a small business, and let’s not forget those people skills.

It’s the home stretch of cookie season, and they are tired.

That’s why I want you to give them a shout out. A big one. Let them know that behind every green, or khaki, or brown, or blue vest, we see them hauling those wagons and updating their Facebook page with a countdown to one box left.

And at the end of the season, let’s raise a glass to their efforts. And maybe it happens to be a stemless wine glass that says, “Cookie Mom” on it.

Yes, I have a prize pack of my own to ship out to your favorite Girl Scout mama. Tell me about a troop leader, a cookie mom, or a Girl Scout volunteer that you think deserves a treat. Contest begins at the end of Cookie Season. Random winner drawn on March 4th.

Prize pack includes:

  • Cookie Mom glass because she needs a special glass of her own
  • “Tired” moodibars chocolate bar (dark chocolate espresso) because chocolate and coffee fixes everything
  • BPA-free, reusable party straws because it’s time to celebrate the end of cookie season but we still love the environment
  • Sequined zipper bag because everyone deserves a blingy bag
  • Sour Patch Kids conversations hearts, because she’s been talking that cookie love all season
  • A $10 gift card to World Market so she can pick out her favorite beverage to fill her glass.

Please note:
*Any comments that include links to personal selling sites, offers of cookies for sale, or in any way violates the social media rules of Girl Scouts will be deleted and disqualified.
*US entries only please. 😉 Contest begins on February 24th. 

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The North East Texas Girl Scout council includes 32 counties, and recorded these notable facts in  2018:

  • 14,900 girls sold 3.4 million packages of cookies
  • 1,630 troops participated in the cookie program for an average troop profit of $1,295
  • The per girl average for cookies sold is 230

*Giveaway is not affiliated with Girl Scouts. All opinions are my own.




  1. My favorite cookie mom was my my neighbor/mom when I was growing up. She was always baking and giving us yummy good tasting cookies!

  2. My favorite cookies mom was my neighbor she had me help her stack the cookie boxes

  3. My favorite cookie mom was my girl scout leader when I was in the 3rd grade.


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