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Downloadable eLearning Signs and Door Hangers

Did it take you a minute to get your head around the whole eLearning, virtual school thing? Yep, me too. There’s a whole generation of moms out there that now have a new appreciation for their kids’ teachers. But it’s not just wrangling your kids through the educational curriculum from home that is the problem. It’s also keeping up with your own work online, and showing up for remote meetings which may be a whole new skill you never knew you needed.

It has to be said that at Chez Perot my tweenager is very used to me working from home – but don’t think that she never makes an unscheduled appearance. The same can be said of the dogs and their dedication to alerting me to all Amazon deliveries and squirrels in the backyard.

Still, no matter how disruptive their “security alerts” are, at least the disturbance is usually only shared with a familiar and pet-loving group of clients and colleagues. We can only cringe in sympathy for the news reporter who winced through an entire family invasion on live TV. He needed a sign — for sure — that meant business. Keep out, I’m on the air. 

So inspired by that classic gaffe, and in an effort to allow you a brief bit of sanity, we offer these downloadable signs. Use these to get some work done, or not. Maybe you just need some “me” time but virtual teachers definitely deserve a space for their own. These eLearning downloadables should get the message across when you just want to be alone. 

eLearning Door Hanger
eLearning Do Not Disturb


  1. Super cute! I need these! Although, the smiling cupcake and donut might just be too inviting for my kindergartener who can’t read yet. LOL!

    • 100% true. We need mean versions of this too!


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