I always joke that being on a club soccer team is the same as joining the mob. You give the club all your money, all your time, and show up at the drop of the cleat when needed. There’s a boss and you do everything you can to keep him happy. And let’s be honest, there are definitely some injuries involved from time to time as well.

But it might also mean that your holidays are spent at the fields. Like us, this weekend for the scrimmage on Superbowl Sunday, and practice on Valentine’s Day. I mean, I guess the kids DO love soccer more than anything so where else would these tiny athletes want to be???

Right – so if you have Valentine’s Day practice like we do… you need some punny cards to take the edge off while you’re sitting sideline and scrolling through social media to witness all the romantic dinners that non-soccer couples are having. If I’m being honest though, there’s really no where else I’d rather be than watching her do what she loves.

While your kid is handing these out, you’ll be reminded that this club commitment provides endless fun, life-long friendships, and lessons to shape those small humans that are simply priceless. It’s only a chapter in their lives and it will be over before you know it – so let’s all laugh a little while we’re in it, shall we? Bonus benefit — these have been teenager-approved!

Enjoy these cards by downloading and printing. I suggest using a paper cutter to trim them to size. I print mine at FedEx on 80lb super white cardstock, but you can print them on photo paper or at home with regular paper. The quality won’t be as good on copy paper, but it’s also less expensive.

Happy Soccer Practice Valentine’s Day!