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Tips for back-to-school virtual learning space planning

Anyone else feel like the back-to-school scenario changes as fast as Texas weather? I have So. Many. Questions. Suppose we get a do-over for the whole home learning bit. How do we ensure back-to-school 2.0 is better than the spring shut-down survival mode where every mom and every teacher was literally scrambling to make the best of it?

Virtual Learning Space Planning

I asked a friend of mine, who is an expert at space planning. Laura Davis, with hpd architecture + interiors, how we should prepare in case we need to go back to virtual schooling. She offered some great advice and considerations for next-level home learning, whether you’re buying your kid a desk or trying to find some space in your home. Not only does she make a living at space planning, but she IS also living this scenario with two boys at home, and she and her husband sharing an office for the first time.

Up until shut down, Laura didn’t need desks for her boys. Now that she’s faced with several more weeks of home learning, it’s time to invest in a new, more studious area for her boys. Maybe like you, she needs to create an environment that’s more inviting to long days learning virtually. She also has a five-year-old starting kindergarten who will need to adjust to a new learning routine, one that will include a much shorter online experience but will have lots of hands-on learning with Mom. She needs a place to do little projects and do his worksheets and whatever. Both of them both have their own rooms, but they’re packed right now because they live in a house built in the seventies, and the bedrooms are not huge. A home that was perfect for a busy family that lived mostly away outside of it must adapt to a lifestyle entirely at home.

Here’s our whole conversation about it, including how not to make your kid’s room look like a disco, where to find extra space in their room, and what to look for when buying a desk. She also has tips for how to space plan your room in case a rearranging is in order.


Having said all of that, let’s be honest. No two kids learn the same way, so no solution will be the best for everyone. We can get through this together so share your tips in the comments below! I’d love to know how you’re tackling the back to virtual school challenge to create the best learning environment for your family!

Here are some fun accessories to make your kids learning space fun. (Click the image for some great ideas.)

back to school desk accessories

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