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How to watch Hallmark Christmas Movies

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It’s go time. November 1. Let’s do this holiday thing baby!

It’s the official kick-off to Christmas and you’ve got to get your head right. Are you mentally ready to take on the rigors of the wreath season? And how exactly do you do that? With a good ole Hallmark Christmas movie marathon starting now!

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Who doesn’t love these classic stories featuring beautiful people having a heartfelt change of career in the midst of an epic snowstorm in their distant hometown that they decide to make their home again? Or the childless aunt/uncle finding unsuspecting love while helping out their sibling meanwhile embracing a side of them they’d hidden because of past pain? I’m grinning just thinking about my Sherpa blanket, the warm fire, and my remote control. The best thing? All the Hallmark Christmas movies are family-friendly so make room for Dad, the kids, and the furbabies too! 

Timing is everything though. You don’t want to miss the newest Hallmark Christmas movie release. I got you, babe. I have a surefire way that none of those feel-good shows sneak past you. Download the Hallmark Christmas movie app to your phone and it will automagically load reminders into your schedule.

The Hallmark Christmas Movie App

It will also include the Movies & Mysteries channel. 

For your type-A’s like me, as you watch the shows, you can check them off on the list. So brilliant! And the app has even more, like holiday tips and quotes of the day!

There’s even an instagrammy feature that highlights upcoming shows. I’m here for it. (Click the images for a close up view of the app on iPhone.)

Don’t forget, you can also follow them the old fashioned way, on Instagram itself…

Hallmark Movies On the Go!

Don’t cry if you don’t have the Hallmark Channel, we’re not leaving you out! Or maybe you’re traveling for the holidays and your relatives don’t have Hallmark Channel. You need your fix. You can stream all the Hallmark movies from Hallmark Movies Now online with a free 7-day trial period! It includes Hallmark Hall of Fame movies, original movies, series and specials from both the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Even better, it’s commercial free!

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I’ve got more good news for you. You know those nights when you’ve just mommed to your limit and want to hide in your car during soccer practice and binge watch aaaalllll the Hallmark Christmas movies? I feel ya. You can also buy movies on DVD so you never go without your fix.

But which ones should you invest in? Like the genuine classics?

The BEST 10 Hallmark Christmas Movies

According to IMDb, the best 10 Hallmark Christmas Movies of all time, are drumroll…. (bonus points if you know how many of these star Candace Cameron Bure!):

  1. Once Upon a Christmas Miracle
  2. Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas
  3. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Henry Winkler is in this one!)
  4. The Christmas Secret
  5. Bramble House Christmas
  6. Christmas Getaway
  7. The Nine Lives of Christmas
  8. Journey Back to Christmas
  9. A Veteran’s Christmas
  10. A Crown for Christmas

You can find a synopsis of all of these on And for those of you wanting to know the answer, just one of the top ten Hallmark Christmas Movies had Hallmark’s sweetheart starring in it. (What’s up with THAT?!)

At this point, I feel like I’ve properly prepared you to get that Hallmark Christmas Movie fix pretty much at any possible time you need it, so there’s just one last thing to bring it full circle. We girls do love our accessories, don’t we? Here are a few ways you can show your fan girl self all through the Christmas season.

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Happy Hallmark!



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