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The Best Independent Coffee Shops in North Texas

I dare you to spot me out in the wild without a cup of coffee in my hand (unless it’s after 5 and then you know, we switch to wine). Oh how I luuuuv a great cup of coffee. It’s my eternal wish to be able to replicate that coffee house taste at home — and trust me, I’m trying alllll the dang day like it’s my job. But it never fails, that afternoon pick-me-up loses its luster when an otherwise perfect cup of Joe is served amidst the piles of laundry and a sink full of dishes that no one but me takes care of. Really, there’s something about the earthy vibe of sitting in a coffee shop with a friend, a laptop, or a good book that I crave.

And while I do shop Starbucks for convenience, I’d trade it for a Nespresso store latte in a heartbeat. My real mission on this beverage journey is to support the little guys, the independent coffee shops. Below you’ll find some of my favorite anti-big chain coffee shops that I’ve visited,  and some that are on my list for the future. I’d love to hear what ones are your favorites! They’re listed in no particular order or geography so tuck in and tell me which are your favorites and which ones I need to visit ASAP!

1. The Book Shoppe & Coffee


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My most recent coffee treasure was right under my nose! This little shop is quietly nestled into suburban Frisco, but when you walk in you feel transported to another place and time. Certainly a Euro-vibe with brick walls and lots of earthy colors, this little treasure is more than just delicious coffee and pastries. It also has a collection of Christian books and devotionals for all ages. One of these days I’m even going to attend their hand lettering and bible journaling workshop. Also, the staff is some of the nicest you’ll meet.

WHAT:  An escape where time stands still. Visit for a quiet place to work or get lost in your faith. This is an outreach for Insight for Living Ministries.

WHERE: 5330 Parkwood Blvd, Suite 100, Frisco

HOURS: Every day, 6 am- 7 pm

“Our purpose is to nourish people and cultures by bridging local communities with our international ministry.”

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2. Liberation Coffee


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My go-to when I’m desperate for some new kicks (Run-On is across the street) or a Market Street visit. All the smart people of Coppell must flock here because whenever I go in, everyone is studying a text book.

WHAT:  A warm and welcoming environment featuring locally roasted coffee, tea, and freshly-baked pastries.

WHERE: 651 N Denton Tap Rd #200, Coppell

HOURS: Everyday, 6:30am-8pm

“We believe a great cup of coffee provides a feeling of liberation. Our shop represents freedom from artificiality, and offers a place for all and any to change the world over some coffee.”

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3. Native Coffee Co.


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I accidentally on purpose found this spot hidden amongst the offices and warehouses that is Alpha road. It’s tied to a church but open 7 days, and they have a gorgeous conference room available to reserve (I think for free?). Another bonus, they have OAT MILK so confession, I drive past a number of shops to get a legit oat milk latte. And… the mugs are so cute I bought one.

WHAT: A craft coffee shop created to be a gathering place for people to create and share beautiful things. Where artists, musicians, creatives, students, deep thinkers, adventurers, conversationalists, and coffee geeks have a space to interact and discover something new.

WHERE: 4319 Alpha Rd, Dallas

HOURS: Mon-Sat, 7am-5pm, Su, 7am-2pm

“Great coffee is an art … it should never be compromised by the sole pursuit of making money.” 

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4. White Rock Coffee


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When you’re headed towards old money Dallas, check into the White Rock Coffee on NW Hwy and Preston Rd. to ground you (get it? coffee grounds, lol…) It’s nothing but a nook in the wall, super casual and the bakery items are delish. I give this one a thumbs up.

WHAT:  An Original Texas Coffeehouse, SCA Certified Training Lab, Roastery & Bakery. Meet up with friends, relax or work with their free wifi, enjoy a delicious sweet or savory treat, or catch some live music. They also offer custom coffee subscriptions, coffee gear, gifts, and supplies!

WHERE: 10105 E NW Hwy., Dallas

HOURS: Everyday, 6am-11pm

“White Rock Coffee is the locals destination of choice.”

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5. Parks Coffee


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Okay, personal favorite. Why do I detour off George Bush to stop here? Because they are a home-grown local business that went national. They have a beautiful building that is home to their coffee bar and roastery(and several other buildings next door). You can tour the roastery like I did with my Girl Scout Troop, and participate in a “cupping” (think wine tasting but coffee). I learned that I really prefer the taste of Columbian coffee — and that when you bring your Dad, a retired chemical engineer, to the tour, the Parks family is uber patient with his many, many questions. AND, they have crazy popular bakery pop-ups and oat milk!  🙂 Kiss, kiss, love y’all!

WHAT: Family-owned and operated since 1986. Parks Coffee has a passion for coffee. They provide a comprehensive array of freshly roasted coffees, snacks, drinks, break room and janitorial supplies. Their friendly and knowledgeable team is committed to serving with skill and problem-solving tenacity. They are the refreshment professionals, offering white glove service.

WHERE: 1421 Mac Arthur Dr, Carrollton

HOURS: Everyday, 6:30am-6:30pm

“Family is at the heart of everything we do, from the care we put into our delicious coffee products, to the attention we give to our customers every day.”

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6. Farmhouse Coffee & Treasures


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I have been insta-stalking this coffee house for ages, just waiting for that perfect excuse to go to Argyle. Will it live up to the hype I have in my mind because it’s already legendary in there. Someone who’s been, tell me how much love you have for it! At least, follow their gorgeous feed online.

WHAT: Privileged to brew Hidden House Coffee roasted in Orange County, California. Stellar coffee in an atmosphere of community. Grab a cup of coffee, browse their restoration pieces and gifts, and experience the community of the farmhouse.

WHERE: 1300 Homestead Way, Argyle

HOURS: Mon, 6am-12pm, Tue-Fri, 6am-6pm, Sat-Sun, 7am-6pm

“Our mission here at the Farmhouse is to create the perfect place to enjoy a stellar cup of coffee, build relationships & faith, and shop creative treasures in a 141-year-old original farmhouse.”

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7. Summer Moon Coffee


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Exposed brick walls, great pastries, a nitro coffee to fuel you through the week… what’s not to love about the vibe in this quaint coffee shop on the Main Street of old Frisco? It’s always busy when I’ve popped in, which isn’t often enough.

WHAT: Unique locally-owned experience of wood-fired coffee & MoonMilk. Originated in Austin & now in Historic Downtown Frisco!

WHERE: 6943 Main St, Frisco

HOURS: Mon-Fri, 6am-8pm,  Sat & Sun, 7am-8pm

“A whole lot of coffee and a little bit of magic.”

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8. @Nerdvana Coffee + Shop


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Ahhh…. Nerdvana is my people. Coffee shop does not do this joint justice! There a brainy board games you can play, the tables have glass tops with collections of dice inside, they have lattes that you can customize your image on top, they have a whole hot chocolate menu… They also have drinks and video games. I mean, it’s a slice of heaven! You’d think it being so close to Summer Moon on Main Street in Frisco that they would compete, but no. This is a place to embrace your inner nerd, and leave caffeinated and happy. I know I do.

WHAT: is a local coffee shop focusing on locally roasted coffee, scratch made breakfast and brunch, and tabletop gaming. Enjoy high quality coffee and tea while playing a game from their free board game lending library.

WHERE: 5757 Main Street, Frisco

HOURS: Mon-Fri, 6am-8pm,  Sat & Sun, 7am-8pm

“You don’t need to be a nerd to enjoy the + shop. Trust that nerds care empirically about quality. The nerds @nerdvana have done the work. They’ve figured it out so you don’t have to.”

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9. 9 Rabbits Bakery + Boba


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Yeah, so this is my “on the way to go shopping on Harry Hines” stop — but now also open in Plano. It’s a little like the Asian 85 degrees coffee and bakery (if you’ve been there), but muuuuch smaller scale. They instantly spoke my love language with their “Angry Mom” tea, but their menu of blendies and espresso is legit. Parking, not so much at Royal Lane location, but worth the hassle.

WHAT: Local bakery & cafe selling asian style breads, pastries, cakes, cookies, coffee, teas, boba, smoothies, cold brew, coffee and original desserts/snacks.

WHERE: 2546 Royal Lane, Dallas

HOURS: Mon-Fri, 6am-8pm,  Sat & Sun, 7am-8pm

“Proudly the  FIRST and ONLY place in Texas creating freshly brewed premium drinks that extract from Teapresso and Cold Brew machinery.”

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10. Pacific Tradewinds Coffee Co. (TexaKona Blends)


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I have not been here, but I feel like it’s my lost opportunity to relive our trip to Kona. How did McKinney get so lucky to have a little slice of Hawaiian heaven in it’s zip code? I dunno, but I’m here for it. Well, at least soon. Coffee date anyone?

WHAT: Specializing in Kona and Kona blend coffee from the owners’ farm in Hawaii. Look for the red flower and blue star when you shop!

WHERE: Visit the roastery at 3103 N McDonald St, Mckinney OR TexaKona Coffee Lodge, Van Alstyne Exit 51/Hwy 75 OR GO Java @ Greenville Oaks Church in Allen.

HOURS: Mon-Sat, 7am – 6pm

ROASTING TOURS: Saturdays at 11am.  Learn more about roasting and why it’s important in the coffee world!

We are Where Hula Meets Howdy! ™

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11. TOASTED Coffee + Kitchen


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It’s gonna be a scorcher! Refresh with an iced chai latte & brunch. Or maybe a cold mimosa. And bring the dog!

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Here’s another great coffee stop, but so much more. We discovered this one after a long trip at the Perot Museum and needed hard-core sugar caffeine boost. We stopped next door to the Milk+Cream (that’s seriously worth breaking the diet for) and this place drew me in like a superman to kryptonite. It’s belittling it to call it a “coffee shop” but that’s what I went for initially and it’s my list, so it’s staying on here. 🙂 Check out their eats (that Avo Toast looks to-die-for) and oh yeah, they are a bar WITH a dog patio too. What, what?! I would totally be the Norm Peterson of this place if we lived closer.

WHAT:  An eatery and bar featuring only fresh, all-natural ingredients to create a variety of gourmet toasts, specialty sandwiches, soups, salads, and desserts. The menu also features locally roasted coffees, teas, and smoothies as well as craft beer, wine, and cocktails.

WHERE: 5420 Ross Ave., Suite 180,  Dallas

HOURS: Mon-Tue, 7am-9pm, Wed-Fri, 7am-10pm, Sat, 8am-10pm, Sun, 8am-9pm

“Sit. Stay a while. We don’t bite. You bite.”

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Here are a few others that I hope to visit in the future…

Houndstooth Coffee


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Good morning y’all. Happy trails this week. . . #houndstoothcoffee #houndstooth #sylvanthirty #dallascoffee #texascoffee #TXforever #thepatternofcoffeeandpeople #plaidhospitality

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WHAT:  What started as an affinity for coffee and coffee shop culture has grown into a love for sharing quality beverages with anyone and everyone. As a locally owned and operated business, Houndstooth Coffee seeks to be an integral pattern in the fabric of the Texas Coffee community. Houndstooth Coffee is a branch of the funky Austin-based chain, serving coffee drinks, tea, beer & wine, plus pastries.

WHERE: 1900 N Henderson Ave., Dallas

HOURS: Mon-Fri, 6:30am – 7pm; Sat & Sun, 7am-7pm

The pattern of coffee and people.

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Ascension Coffee


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WHAT:  A stylish coffeehouse serving premium slow-roasted coffee, boutique wine, plus music, brunch & bar bites.

WHERE: 8 locations around the Dallas area.

HOURS: Mon-Sat, 7am-10pm

Our journey is one of love for the bean and love for the people who care for them.

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Opening Bell Coffee


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WHAT: Enjoy a wonderful selection of Harney & Sons silk tea or their Cultured Cup loose leaf teas, or treat yourself to one of their popular David Rio CHAIS. Pressed for time?  Grab a cup of their house blend and a kolache on your way out! Visit for lunch or after work for some amazing live music from some of the most sought out musicians from all over the globe! They also have a great beer and wine selection along with a full menu served all hours!

WHERE: 1409 S Lamar St., Dallas

HOURS: Mon-Thu, 7am-10pm; Fri, 7am-12am Sat, 8am-12pm, Sun, 8:30am-9pm

Dallas’ best acoustic live music venue & coffee bar.

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Sip Stir Coffee House


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WHAT: Sip Stir Coffee House aspires to cultivate and connect community, while sharing their passion for coffee with families and friends. They strive to create a warm, familiar and conversation-filled atmosphere that can be enjoyed over a perfect cup of latte.

WHERE: 3800 McKinney Ave. # 180, Dallas

HOURS: Mon-Fri, 6:30am-7pm; Sat-Sun, 7am-8pm

A place you can count on for great music, highest quality food and beverages, and the friendliest baristas, to elevate your coffee experience.

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West Oak Coffee Bar


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WHAT: Opened in December 2014 by two local firefighters,  Matt Fisher and Clay Rozell, and a friend, Owen Lyon, West Oak Coffee Bar’s short term goal was to bring together people, coffee, and culture.

West Oak is also the namesake of West Oak Coffee Roasters and the flagship shop of Voltage Coffee Project (VCP). Their goal is to change the current in how coffee is experienced, guests are treated, and how businesses are structured. With all Voltage concepts you will find sustaining relationships, memorable experiences, and the highest levels of transparency and honesty.

West Oak Coffee Bar has linked arms with communities not only in Denton, Argyle, and Decatur, but in Colombia, Thailand, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Burundi, and El Salvador.

WHERE: 114 W Oak St., Denton

HOURS: Everyday 7:30am – 10:30pm

HAPPY HOUR: Monday – Thursday 4:00pm – 7:00pm

West Oak Coffee Bar moves out of gratitude for people, coffee, and culture.

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