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My favorite coffee hack of all time

You know it’s Monday when you accidentally take nighttime cold medicine with your morning coffee.


That calls for a double espresso day.

And since going to $tarbuck$ would take major effort on my part, I decided to counteract the drowsies by slugging down a few homemade lattes instead, creating the perfect opportunity for me to share my all time favorite coffee hack with you.

Are you ready?

It’s THIS.

This little wonder of a machine allows you to create the warm milky frothy goodness at home with a simple one push button. It’s called the Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Frother, which is fancy for “foamer.”

It’s so easy to use. Fill the pitcher up to the fill line with your favorite milk, put the top on, push button once for warm, twice for cold. It comes with an additional stirrer thingie inside incase you’d like to make a steamer rather than thick froth. The stirer’s are held in place magnetically, so they’re easy to remove and clean. The extra one stays in the lid for easy finding.

I’m telling you, this Nespresso frother is life changing. LIFE CHANGING.

How about an egg nog latte? Yes, you can put egg nog in it. How about a flavored latte? No problem, add your favorite flavors. I’ve even used a mixture of my regular milk and flavored coffee creamer. I’ve even made PUMPKIN SPICED LATTE. No joke. I don’t joke about my java.

How did my favorite kitchen gadget and I meet? I learned about it from my Uncle. He came to visit and was sad we didn’t have one, so he went to the mall (specifically Williams Sonoma) and bought one for me. I think it was really so he could use it while he was here.

A few weeks later, my dad came to town and I introduced him to it, and he called me not even 20 minutes from when he walked through the door at home and asked me if he was ordering the right one. Now – he travels with it. (But not to my house.)

We latte lovers have to stick together. Thank you Nespresso. You’ve made my mornings so much better.

Cheers Monday.

You can order your own Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Frother from Amazon here. It will pay for itself by skipping just 16 coffee shop lattes and making them at home!

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