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Which is the Best Oat Milk for At-Home Lattes?

I’m crazy about oat milk, but only the GOOD oat milk.

I love making a latte at home (and saves money) and I am really into using frothed oat milk. If the whole oat milk thing is a mystery to you, no worries. Oat milk is super creamy and a tasty dairy alternative. It’s a plant-based, dairy-alternative made from whole oats and water. Currrently you can find it sweetened, unsweetened, chocolate, and vanilla. It has a hint of a nutty flavor. You can use it in baking, soups, and nearly anything you’d normally use real mik for. I am a little obsessed with it and finding the perfect coffee + oat milk pairing because making oat milk lattes is my afternoon hobby.  

I’ve tried my share of different oat milk brands and I’m here to tell you, not all oat milks are created equal. Not even close. There are quite a few that maybe would make a good milk substitute for everyday drinking, but they don’t hold their froth in a latte. So this is a pretty important discussion for my fellow oat milk coffee lovers.

I reviewed 6 types of oat milk for taste, and froth-ability and how well they hold their foam. *NOTE: These are regular oat milks, not “barista blend” formulas of oat milk which can be more difficult to find in stores. Take a look and then tell me in the comments or text me which is YOUR favorite or if there are other oat milk brands I should try?

Latte-Worthy Oat Milk Froth

First up we are going to test latte worthiness. I was looking for the perfect texture for foam. I use a milk-frother and it works really, really well for creating warm, frothed milk for a latte. Sometimes though, it can almost make the froth too thick – if that’s even a thing! To start off my experiment, I frothed up regular milk for comparison. 

froth for latte - regular milk
One thing I could do without is the residue regular milk leaves behind in the frother. Let’s see what happened with this variety of oat milks…

Quaker Oat Beverage

Okay, so next I’m going to try Quaker Oat Beverage. I’m going to use the same amount of this as I did with regular milk. Just cover the coils and switch the frother on. I ended up with much less bubbles, and it’s kind of thin. It didn’t froth well at all. 

But how about the taste? It actually tastes quite good – like leftover oatmeal. It passes the taste test but is you like frothy coffee, this one is not for you!

Quaker Oat Beverage
Silk Oat Yeah

Oat Yeah Silk

I’m using the same amount each time, so again with the Silk Oat Yeah, I just covering the coils. While frothing, it looked promising but disappointingly, when I took off the lid – even fewer bubbles. When I poured it into the glass, it looked like it had come straight from the carton. However, it does pass the taste test. I am not fond of super sweet milk and this has less sugar in it than the Quakers. Still, it’s not going to make very foamy lattes. 

Planet Oat Oatmilk

The next one I tried is Planet Oat oat milk. With 4 grams of sugar, it has the same sugar content as the Silk Oat Yeah (although it says no sugar added). It frothed up very well – the best of the oat milks I’d tested so far for foaming. It really did resemble real milk froth. It also passed the taste test with flying colors. In fact, it was so delicious I just drank it plain without even adding coffee. Yum!

Planet Oat Oatmilk
Planet Oat Oatmilk froth
Oat-ly Oat Milk

Oatly Oat Milk

Last up is Oatly, which I suspect is the oat milk that started the whole “I have to have oat milk” craze. The package says no nuts, no gluten and 100% vegan, but it also presents the highest sugar of them all with 7 grams.

This one blew my socks off with the froth. It’s closest to the Planet Oat for formability. And after adding it to my coffee, I found it difficult to get to the oat milk through all that froth! I understand the fuss. Tastes great, froths even better. A+ in my book!

If I’m comparing the Pacific brand to the Oatly on taste alone, I’m not sure I could discern the difference. Trying them side by side they are so similar, but Oatly wins my heart by just a hair. I wouldn’t even bother with the other two. 

Bonus Round!

After the original video, I found two other oat milks brands to stand up next to the original four, so you know the drill: taste and froth tests. If sugar content is a factor, I will say that the Dream brand has five grams of sugar, which is less than the one from Pacific Foods.


Counter point: Pacific has two more grams of protein than the Dream oat milk. Also, the Pacific Foods Oat Milk foamed up well and tasted good. It’s going to make a great latte. 
Pacific Foods Oat Milk
Dream Oat Milk
Sadly, the Dream oat beverage did not pass the froth test. In fact, it was relatively unfazed by my blender in any way. But cheers if you’re just drinking it straight, it does taste good but pass on adding it to coffee. 
Next time you’re in the grocery, grab a carton of one of these great-tasting oat milks! If you already have favorite frothy oat milk for your coffee that I haven’t mentioned here, give me a shout out in the comments below or text me at Text Trista. I’d love to try it out!

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