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State Fair of Texas 2020: The Big Tex Fair Food Drive-Thru

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If you are looking for your annual State Fair fix, the Big Tex Fair Food Drive Through State Fair food experience doesn’t get any better than this!

In all the ultimate weirdness of 2020, going to the State Fair of Texas was a dose of normalcy that we desperately needed. Since 1886, the beloved State Fair of Texas has been drawing people in from Dallas and beyond – so don’t even try and tell any Texan it’s canceled. We’ll find a way to have it COVID or no COVID. The State Fair of Texas is as much a tradition as squishy white bread and a slice of cheese with our BBQ.

My advice? Do the drive-thru – you’ll get all the most popular foods from the Fair + the photo. We came home with more fries, corny dogs, fried Oreos (I literally have dreams about these), cotton candy, and kettle corn than the three of us could possibly eat. Plus, we got to see new cars from Chevrolet, the cute longhorns, a little live entertainment, and BIG TEX. And because it’s so well organized, it takes less than 5 minutes to pose and receive a Christmas card-worthy shot with our favorite Fair guy.

Cowboy statue

Speaking of food, did you know that I’ve won a blue ribbon at the state fair? Here’s my recipe.

Here’s my best tip:

Don’t show up at the beginning of your reservation window. Each ticket has a 3 – 4-hour window to experience the event, and everyone tries to show up early. Don’t. You’ll have less of a line if you take your time. And if you do have to queue up? They’ve got a slew of Dad jokes to keep you entertained. Perot’s thoroughly enjoyed it – even the wait to get in. And so did this guy.

State Fair of Texas drive thru

Tell me another year in your lifetime when doggo could go to the Fair? Because it’s a “drive-thru experience” this year, I’m sure he wasn’t the first furry family who got to join in the fun. (But did he get a photo with Big Tex? I wonder…)

Texas State Flags
Texas State Fair Cowboy

Once you get through the gates, everything is a demonstration of well-planned logistics. You’ve pre-purchased your food so there’s no money exchange or indecisive people in front of you to slow things down.

If you even THINK you might want a turkey leg, purchase your add-ons while you’re checking out online because you can’t get anything extra while you’re inside. Not even a t-shirt or those cute masks the staff were wearing.

cowboy at state fair of Texas

Food, midway prizes, souvenirs… Everything is served car hop style. Everyone was incredibly friendly and seemed so happy to be there. And so were we. Didn’t hurt that they kept complimenting us on our pretty trailblazer. She is pretty, isn’t she?!

2021 Chevy Trailblazer

Chevy thought we needed to ride in style for the week, and even though they gave us one that was more the color of Texas A&M than LSU, we thoroughly enjoyed our time with her (more on that to come). Thank you, Chevrolet!

Let’s not forget why so many people go to the fair — to get the photo with Big Tex! Do you have one every year with your kids? I feel like my Texas Christmas cards would be incomplete without the big guy in them. Add that to your reasons to check it out this year. With and without masks, which one goes on the cards?

state fair of Texas photo with Big Tex

Tickets for the drive-through experience are available through the 18th but SELL OUT, so check availability HERE. And also check out all the cool State Fair things you can see online too.

Big Tex - State Fair of Texas 2020


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