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Elf on a Shelf Mischief: Day 4 Balloon Ball Pit

Jewel, our girl elf on a shelf, certainly has her work cut out for her with her reports back to Santa. While Beaureguarde (neurotic boy pug) was an angel yesterday– as far as we can tell–  Beignet (littlest girl pug) is oh, so, caught-redhanded guilty of the following within about one hour’s time:

  • Digging around in the Cupcake’s box of play make-up, right in front of us. Looking for the scented lip balm no doubt.
  • Swiping the Cupcake’s nail polish — as we were painting the Cupcake’s nails. Twice. The actual nail polish we were using. She took it. And walked away. Like nothing about it.
  • Abducting Sebastian (the toy squirter from Little Mermaid) out of the Princess Cupcake’s bathtub. (This prompted screams of horror from the Cupcake.)

That little Beignet must have given Chintz and Jewel an idea when she was clearing the toys out of the tub. Next thing we knew this morning, we found those mischievous elf on a shelf had made a balloon ball pit out of the Princess’s bathtub and were sliding down Ariel’s castle slide to jump in.

elf on a shelf balloon ball pit in tub

Which at first, the Cupcake found humorous… until she realized that these were her water balloons that Chintz and Jewel painstakingly blew up one by one to fill her bathtub. Apparently, she was saving those balloons for what I don’t know. She said that Chintz and Jewel had used too many of them. And then started to remove them from the tub and put them around her room.

I sure hope those elves — and Beignet — can redeem themselves this evening…

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