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Elf on a Shelf Mischief: Day 24 Wrapping it Up

The Princess Cupcake is so sad that her Elf on the Shelf Chintz and Jewel are leaving. She really loves searching for them every day and seeing what they’ve gotten into the night before. On their last night with us, thankfully they decided to give mama a hand. We woke up to find the elves carefully wrapping up the Cupcake’s presents to go under the tree. The Cupcake was a little disturbed that they might be using up all our tape (because that’s her job) and that she needed those scissors which she carefully confiscated later. I was just happy they didn’t make another mess.

chintz wrapping presents
elf on the shelf wrapping presents
last night with elves

So long Chintz and Jewel! See you next year!

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