Driving home last night: “MOM! Look! There’s the place where me and Daddy went!” She’s pointing wildly out the window.

At Hooters.

“Hooters?! Okay… So did you like it?”

“Yes, I did. But they didn’t have milk.”

My child takes her milk very seriously.

elf on a shelf milk mischief

She LOVES milk. Don’t give her water, juice or even a Capri Sun. She wants milk. All day long. Milk. She is the poster child for milk.

And we’re talking white milk.  Not strawberry milk, not chocolate milk, not even vanilla milk. “I want plain white milk, do they have plain white milk, Mama?” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that.

Knowing this, I must have had a momentary lapse of sanity because last night Chintz got up to a little Elf on a Shelf Milk Mischief!


Elf on a Shelf #FAIL

She did NOT find this funny. In fact, when she saw it she started to cry. And now I knew I had crossed the line. Bad Mommy. Bad Chintz. Bad Mommy.


Thank goodness I had plan B of a Horizon Organic plain white milk held on reserve. It stopped the tears right away.

Then she came around and thought this Elf on a Shelf prank was funny. But even though Mommy explained that the milk tastes super good with grinch gritsgreen elf magic in it, she still wouldn’t have anything to do with it.

Unlike Daddy, who made some grits for breakfast with it. We call these “Grinch Grits.”

And Mommy, who made oatmeal with our green Elf milk. It was so disgusting to look at that I ate it with my eyes closed.

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