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Elf on a Shelf Snowglobe

Elf on a shelf snowglobe

Here’s Chintz, our Elf on a Shelf, pretending to be in a snow globe.

He even has “snow” all fallen around him (coconut). And as a gift on his last night in our home, he left the Cupcake a custom snow globe (on left) with a photo of her and Santa on one side, and Chintz on the other. I guess he wanted to give her something to remember him by. Such a thoughtful Elf! We’re really going to miss him for the next 11 months. I bet he has something planned as his farewell tonight – I can’t wait to see what it is!

Special thanks to Christy Starling of C Star Cakes who initially did a snow globe Elf on a Shelf theme. Chintz thought it looked like “Bob” their Elf on a Shelf was having so much fun, he wanted to try it too. And the custom snow globes from Michaels was a perfect addition.

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