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DIY Milk Glass Wine Bottle Craft

As far as wine bottle crafts go, Did you know you could make your own milk glass? Neither did I until I found this Valspar Milk Glass spray paint at Lowe’s and was dying to try it. The color I chose is called Marina and as it says on the can, it is suitable for use on metal, glass and more.

In my case, I decided to try it on glass. I already have a collection of vintage milk glass, and I was curious is this would pass muster in comparison.

Valspar Milk Glass

So I grabbed a couple of bottles from the recycling bin and soaked the labels off. (Such a pain. Read my tips for removing labels below.) And decided to test it out on the chardonnay bottle. It was a delicious chardonnay. I’m almost sorry I didn’t keep the label.

Soak labels off wine bottles

I shot a quick video of how easily the spray goes on. It took to the glass pretty well, so I covered the whole thing and set it aside for the pugs to examine.

Upcycling Embellishments

Remember, this was an unplanned experiment. I really meant to just spray it a bit and evaluate its future potential. I wasn’t really thinking about making a finished item so I didn’t attempt to manage the drips or protect it from wind blowing the paper onto it.

But when it dried (yes, with stuck paper), I was really kinda digging it — blemishes and all — so I grabbed a few bits of supplies I had on hand: rope, fabric flower, hot glue.

bottle craft supplies

And I embellished it.

Then I was mad I hadn’t written on the bottle with glue before spraying it, (because every pinner knows that’s what you do with faux milk glass) and I settled on using some vinyl scraps from my silhouette and tah-dah.

breathe milk glass bottle

I sorta kinda love it a lot.

2016-05-17 14.29.11

Mainly because sometimes I get so busy that I need to pause to soak up my blessings.


I need to remind myself that everything will still be there waiting for me, even if I take a moment for myself.

(Just breathe.)

And while I plan and schedule my projects in advance for this site ad nauseam, (and have recently created a downloadable craft planner to make that easier) I love that this one just organically, imperfectly happened while I was in-between girl scouts and laundry and client calls and… you get the idea.

Kind of like life. The stuff you love is wedged amidst the hard stuff, where you least expect to find it.

And that’s the story of how this little bottle’s destiny changed with a dash of spray paint. How a cast-off fished from the depths of our recycle bin, ambushed with a fleeting dose of creativity, stuffed with some flowers I bought for myself, became an instant friend. It won’t be repeating its former fate anytime soon.


milk glass wine bottle

So you have a cool bottle that you want to remove the label? I feel you. Sometimes that’s no small task. Here’s my routine for getting those labels off completely.

  1. Fill the bottle with warm water and submerge it in a sink of hot soapy water. Let soak until the water turns cold. If you’re lucky, the label will slide off. Sadly, this rarely happens.
  2. If your label is still stuck, get your scraper out. I have a couple that I use that were disk scrapers or scrapbooking scrapers, really anything hard plastic will do. I wouldn’t use your nice silverware for fear you’d scratch the surface of the glass. Scrape to your heart’s content. Hopefully, it will completely remove. 
  3. If you’re still reading, the label left a lot of residue. No worries! Grab some Goo Gone, spray it on a paper towel and it should lift the adhesive off. 
  4. What about those PAINTED labels? I got you, Boo. Here’s my trick to get the painted details off a liquor bottle. Grab your distilled white vinegar and pour it into a shallow disk. Lay your bottle in the vinegar with the painted part completely covered by the vinegar. I leave mine for about two hours, then wipe off the paint with a paper towel. Sometimes it takes two tries, but it works like a charm! 


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