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DAISO Carrollton ups the dollar store game

Ever since I was in high school working my way through summer at the seaside 99cent store, I’ve so loved what you can get for only a dollar.

After this weekend, I’ve decided the 100 Yen stores are even better.

DAISO grand opening in Texas

DAISO, the Japanese dollar store darling described as Target Dollar Spot meets Container Store, opened it’s first Texas store this weekend in Carrollton. The Cupcake and I – and likely most of Carrollton — went to see what all the fuss is all about.

Let me tell you. This is the mecca of things you didn’t know you couldn’t live without. Like these chair socks for example.

striped chair socks from DAISO

Oh yes I did. I bought a set for each of our four kitchen chairs because when an average sized person scoots themselves into the table while sitting, they scrape across the tile making a noise one can only relate to nails on chalkboard. And now, thanks to this Japanese giant, my problem solved and my sanity saved for only $6 ($1.50 per chair).


chair socks from DAISO

The Cupcake and I spent most of our time in the front right of the store, investigating the home décor where I got these to organize my desk.

unfinished wood organizers from DAISO

Imagine them with a little paint and possibly decoupaged…. Yep, $1.50 each.

And I couldn’t leave without this for $1.50 seeing as how we are a scotch-loving family. Not sure if this will end up in our liquor grotto yet or not.

wooden scotch organizer from DAISO

The DAISO collection of organizers is mind-boggling because everything is so stinking cute. I was desperately trying to figure out where I could use this mini expandable floral rod and curtains, and finally gave up. Then, I seriously squealed when I found these for our laundry room.

Daiso laundry buckets

They are PLASTIC, and come in a bunch of sizes. I’m going back for more, but they were EXACTLY what I was looking for to organize our soaps, etc.

The Cupcake wanted pretty much everything in school supplies,

school supplies from DAISO

but settled on some adorable puppy and kitty tissues for her backpack, some brightly colored erasers and her very own purple stapler. Yep, all $1.50 each.

school supplies from DAISO

For someone who loves to DIY, the arts and crafts section will give you a little rush as well. I dedicated an entire post and video to a Daiso Haul of Crafting Supplies. These adhesive laces didn’t stand a chance on the shelf, for $1.50 each the Cupcake and I both picked out a package of colors that we liked.


craft goodies from DAISOAnd the kits were all soooooo Kawaii (means cute). We got the adorable penguin felt kit and the sweet panda pipe cleaner kit. Each $1.50. I could have bought them all. If I hadn’t been so feverish with excitement to see everything in the store, I might have.

craft kits from DAISO

Check out these rolls of printed felt.

And adorable polka-dotted foil wrapping paper.

wrapping paper at DAISO

DAISO has lots of cute and ingenius health and beauty, kitchen wares and food to peruse as well. They had free samples of the POCKY sticks to try – instant win — so we threw some of those in the cart.

POCKY sticks from DAISO

Yes, you can get these in the grocery store but I had no idea they were so good because no one offered me any! And they’re cheaper with more flavors at DAISO. The free inflatable POCKY certainly sweetened the deal.

They have groceries as well. The refreshing and unsweetened Jasmine tea is quite possibly new addiction.

Jasmine tea from DAISO

Plus, do I look so well traveled by drinking it? Maybe not. But they did have tea samples and frozen fruit bar samples as well. I’m bringing a cooler next time for those.

The Cupcake was jazzed to learn they had mandarin orange gummies in the checkout line. Those got thrown in the basket too along with some blueberry ones.

mandarin orange dummies from DAISO

I thought people were queuing up to see something incredible in kitchen wares until I realized it was the checkout line. But the kitchen stuff was pretty cute. I like all the plastic faux lace plates and floral trays for a tea party.

sweet floral trays from DAISO

They even have things for our senior puggies. (Note the tail hole.)

puggie panties at DAISO

And Beau would love a new baseball jersey.

pug baseball jersey at DAISO

Seriously, any store that has pugs on the labels becomes my new favorite, but there’s lots of other things to go look at too. Like floral curtain rods.

floral rods at DAISO

And sewing stuff.

DAISO display

And curtain clips.

curtain clips from DAISO

Cute mini rugs.

little rugs from DAISO

Baskets galore.

organizer baskets at DAISO

Go check out this fun store — but don’t buy everything because we’ll be back this week as my mind is already spinning about things I should have bought because I can’t live one more American day without their Japanese amazingness. And this pinwheel.

DAISO pinwheel

Most things at DAISO in Texas are $1.50, but some can go as high as $7 (although I didn’t find any). Most products are the company’s own brands built on their mission to help customers  “find surprises and fun,” bringing their unique experience of curiosity and enjoyment affordably to the masses.

You can find DAISO in Carrollton, Texas:

DAISO hours are:

Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Sunday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

They accept cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discover (no Amex, no checks). There are no returns and no exchanges.


  1. Compared to the same chain in both Japan and California, I felt they carried the traditional Daiso selection. They didn t Tex out the store which was my fear going in. They didn t tailor it to our market, they introduced their product to the market.

    • That’s a really good point. I haven’t visited in California or Japan, but I thought the selection was refreshing and felt authentic — all the way down to the music!

  2. I was able to grab some awesome finds, it was crazy busy but completely worth it.

    • What did you get? I’ve been back a couple of times. I found a basket and I wasn’t sure if it was the right size — if it was, I need 6. If it wasn’t, I was only out $4. It was perfect. I went back to get the other 5 and they were ALL GONE! Grrr. Place is still pretty popular. I need to figure out what days the trucks come in with new inventory!


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