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Wholesome Breakfast on the Go

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Wholesome Breakfast

Fess up: What’s the worst thing you’ve eaten for breakfast – since you’ve become a so-callled, “responsible adult?”

Do relive your college years with a fistful of leftover pizza as you door dash? Stop to indulge in a few donuts as you’re driving by the shop on the corner? Maybe you raid the fridge for leftovers that you can micro and precariously balance in your lap as you maneuver rush hour, shoving forkfuls into your mouth at stoplights?

You know you’ve done it. I’ve done it. The person driving beside you is doing it.

And whether it’s a war story you love to tell, or a moment of shame that’s between you and your steering wheel, we all get busy and bum the easiest breakfast within reach on those busy days.

Since I’ve become this so-called, “responsible adult,” I will confess to becoming acutely aware of that mid-morning lull. When I carb-load my daybreak meal with, for example, a bowl of sugary cartoon box cereal, I’m completely wiped by 10 a.m. The energy crash is a killer and completely tanks my productivity. I’ve got to get another sugar fix just to make it to lunchtime.

BUT, if I eat something that’s wholesome and an excellent source of protein, then I’m this golden ninja warrior on my to-do list. The problem is, that mushroom provolone omelet doesn’t make itself and it’s an investment in time that I can’t usually make in the a.m. (Okay, I COULD if I wanted to trade that extra snooze cycle of sleep for it and that’s not happening.) And those pin worthy egg breakfast cups that you make the night before? Well, I never remember to make them the night before, I only long for them wistfully as I grab a brownie from under the cake dome as I fly out to the door to a meeting.

Enter my new breakfast buddy: the Jimmy Dean Delights Frittatas, ready in just 2 minutes in the microwave! With the same amount of time that it takes for my Keurig to spit out my liquid energy, I have a wholesome breakfast on the go that is made with real ingredients like whole eggs, lean meat and real vegetables.

jimmy deans delights on the go

Better yet, there’s no sandwich layers to keep stacked and nothing to ooze out onto my clothes. It’s a yummy, portable, breakfast that’s less expensive and less commitment than a fast food drive through.

jimmy dean delights frittatas

These delicious little game-changing nuggets keep our fast-forward family moving – not crashing. And that makes me feel better both physically, and intuitively, knowing that we’re making better breakfast choices that check off the convenience category as well. And come on, they’re from Jimmy Dean so you don’t have to take my word for it, tasty is their middle name! Even the 8 year old in the back seat of our bustle bus likes these. Would you swap your morning donuts for these? The famed in this video did!


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