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Upcycling a mirror with chalk paint

Alternate title: How to horrify your husband.

I wish you could have seen “Big Daddy’s” (aka, the hubs) face when we were dropping off a load to Goodwill and I returned to the car clutching this fantastic find.

before photo of upcycle mirror

Put it back.”


“We’re here to give things away. Not take ANYTHING home.”

“Too late.”

Put it back. It’s the ugliest mirror I’ve ever seen. It’s plastic.”

“I’m not getting out of the car. It’s coming home and I’m going to paint it.”

Then from the backseat, Yeah Daddy! She’s going to paint it!” I just love being able to out-number him now, tee hee.

It was a chilly ride home but I kept my mirror.

It all happened kinda fast and unexpected. You see, someone was dropping off a pair of these potentially awesome 70’s mirrors at the Goodwill donation truck. As the donor was being schooled on what Goodwill can and can’t take (furniture), I was studying her next move. Seizing the opportunity and knowing full well she didn’t want the hassle of taking them somewhere else, I asked sweetly if maybe I could have one? And I told her how great it could be painted.

She said, “You know… you’re right! Yes, here take one. I’m going to keep the other.” Right place, right time. Some people have best friend necklaces, we have twinkie mirrors.

It only took nearly a year for me to get to it – but I finally finished it this weekend. Here’s the redo.

chalk paint mirror redo

I especially like the subtle glitter accents.

close up of chalk paint mirror

Big Daddy especially likes the idea of hiding the mirror in my office, but I think I’ll hang it in our closet so he can look at it EVERY DAY. 🙂

before and after of chalk paint mirror

The mirror is painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Pure White with clear and dark wax. Accents are with Annie Sloan French Linen chalk paint, Modpodge, and Martha Stewart glitter.


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