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Texas-Tulips is “Arboretum-lite”

I’m calling it the cliff notes version of an Arboretum day trip.

Okay so really, it doesn’t compare to acres and acres of gorgeous blooming flowers that is our landmark Dallas Arboretum and Garden, but when you have a short amount of time on a springtime afternoon to spare and want to do something different, I suggest you cruise up to Texas-Tulips in Pilot Point.

pink texas tulips

Instead of driving along miles of clogged lanes of traffic and stop-light retail hell to get to the Arboretum, you’ll be driving along rolling fields of horses and green grass. That alone is worthy of the escape.

Even though the word has gotten out about this new attraction, the crowds are still minimal and there’s ample parking.

texas tulips in bloom

We just recently went and as you can see, the fields were still in their fully gorgeous blooms.

yellow blooming tulips at texas tulips

My favorites were the peppermint tulips. Pretty sure that’s not the name of them, but it’s what they look liked to me.

peppermint tulips at texas tulips

Texas-Tulips, “…the first tulip field in Texas”, opens in March and runs through the end of April so you still have time to visit this month. But alas as we all know, the bloom only lasts for so long. Several rows had already peaked when we went on Good Friday, but what was left was so beautiful.

tiptoe in the tulip beds at texas tulips

Unlike the arboretum, you can PICK the flowers at Texas-Tulips.

texas tulips prices

smelling the tulips

There are big wicker baskets at the end of the rows so you can gather a custom bouquet to take with you.

gathering basket at texas tulips

When you’ve chosen the perfect blooms, Texas-Tulips (with the Dutch accents) will wrap your stems with flower gel so that they’re still lovely and fresh when you get home and put them in water. You can even choose the color of your tissue paper.

checkout at texas tulips

And speaking of water, make your pit stops at a Starbucks along the way. The potty is a Port-o-Let. But hey, Texas-Tulips is FREE admission and FREE parking, so we’re not complaining!

princess cupcake at texas tulips


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