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Stephanie Hollman talks about the Holidays

Aside from entertaining us on the hit Bravo TV show, the Real Housewives of Dallas, Stephanie Hollman off camera is a breath of fresh air. Beautiful, down to earth and big hearted, she shared a few minutes of her crazy schedule to chat with me about the upcoming holidays. Here’s how this famous local celebrity and her family spend their Decembers and what means the most to them. (Hint: family, friends and good food.)

I chatted with Stephanie on her way to an school function, so I appreciate her taking the time to chat with me while she was enroute!

Thank you SO much for taking the time to talk with me today! I know my readers will be so grateful for this new peek into your world. I joke that I squeeze 28 hours into each day and I suspect perhaps we are cut from the same cloth. How on earth do you have time to DIY and entertain?

Figure out priorities, my children are first. Last season wasn’t able to juggle as much and felt like I needed to do whatever the show wanted. Now I’ve learned to delegate a bit. I write my blog and my assistant posts for me. I also set more boundaries so that I can make all the soccer games. It’s comes down to delegating and righting my priorities. Kids are most important to me, especially. Last year I didn’t put my needs first. This season, I set more boundaries. I feel like it’s not being selfish, it’s being a good mom.

How far out do you start planning for your holidays?

Christmas –all year! I buy all year long. If I see something that would make a good gift, I add it to the gift closet. It’s a super time saver for birthdays, holidays, everything.

What are some of the traditions you and your family do each year at the holidays?

Husband’s family had a tradition that they always bought one ornament. Our house has 2 Christmas trees. The one downstairs is beautiful and perfect. The one upstairs has all the mismatched ornaments but each has a really special memory tied to it. I love seeing all those memories together there and putting that tree up together as a family. I also really want the boys to have a love for giving back. Around early Dec, we go and buy coats and sweaters to donate to charities. I think it’s so important for them to learn how to give back to their communities.

Do you host a holiday party each year? What’s the one thing you have at every holiday party?

We do have one every year, and we invite all the employees from my husband’s company. It’s really important to include them because the company wouldn’t be the same without them. We also include our friends at that one, so it’s like a two in one. I think the key to a great holiday party is that everyone is fed well, and I like to serve comfort food and festive drinks. Let’s people think they’re at home. Mom helps with family recipes. Last year Dad made a brisket. We like to include turkey, my husband likes salmon, stuffing, down home food. People should feel comfortable and eat food they recognize.

SO I hear we have something in common. I actually have eggnog in my refrigerator right now, and I hear you’re really into eggnog too. Is there an eggnog story?

I do love eggnog! I saw this recipe online for thin mint eggnog and it’s been my favorite since. I love it because it’s more desserty. Something christmasy. Always, always. I think every party should have egg nog!

And how do you serve it?

Love the paper straws that look like peppermints and old jars.

Do your kids like it? Do you have adult/kid versions of this?

(Laughing) The kids are not so into the eggnog. Kids love hot chocolate, and s’mores around the fire pit all year long.

Has Starbucks made you an eggnog latte yet? (That’s my favorite.) Do you order it a certain way or straight up?

I’ve never had one! I get in a rut and just order a skinny vanilla latte but now I have to try that!

I really love how committed you are to philanthropy and your sunny outlook on social media. Thanks for making all our lives a little brighter.

Stephanie and her husband have been in the news lately for their recent real estate acquisition. (Read about that here.) I can’t wait to see what they do with that massive flipper upper! You can follow her on her blog at, and links to her social media are there too.

Curious about Stephanie’s Thin Mint Egg Nog recipe? I was too, find it here

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