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Prayer Planner Instructions

New! Prayer Planner

There are a lot of people dealing with a lot of stressful things right now, and it may seem like the most you can do is pray for them. I get it. I’m always grabbing a sticky note from my desk to make a reminder to check in on someone, send a meal train, send a card or message of encouragement. If you’re like me, you know there’s got to be a better way to keep organized while sending love and prayers to others! That’s why we made a prayer planner.

This prayer planner helps you organize and remember everyone who’s struggling — and to remember to be thankful for your own blessings.

Here’s how to use the prayer planner

The planner features one page per week. I don’t know about you, but when I keep a list of people in need, it changes – and scribbling and writing over it is a mess. This way, you can carry over your notes and edit them from week to week. Currently, we have this set up as an 8.5 x 11 format, but if we get enough requests for another size, we’ll happily create that. Let us know here.

Each page has three main sections:

Notes: This is a spot where you can expand on what’s happening in your life, community, etc. Feel free to journal here. If you do it consistently, this will create a heartwarming way to reflect on both the good and the challenges of the past several months.

Prayers: This area has eight boxes representing some specific prayer categories. Always begin with what you’re thankful for, and then move into the other 7.

  • Personal strength – Maybe you’re fighting an illness or dealing with a difficult situation where you need guidance.
  • Worries – I tell my kid that my job is to worry about her and her well-being. But that’s not all that weighs on my mind. This is where I’ll capture and hold that thought.
  • Friends/family strength – You know you have friends that are carrying heavy loads. Write them here to remind yourself to check in on them and ask for strength. They are not alone!
  • Community – Your neighborhood, school, city, or country all have issues to deal with every day, some big, some little. Capture those here and remember to give it to God.
  • Church – Does your church have missionaries? Maybe they’re going through a transition? Or just having some internal strife? This block is for those concerns.
  • Illness/hospitalization – As we get older, we know more and more people dealing with varying degrees of illness and disease. They would love for the power of prayer to help them heal.
  • Passings – The grief people face from the loss of family, friends, pets is deep. As everyone else’s lives go back to normal, that’s when they are the loneliest. Keep focused on those who may need a note or a mention from you here.

To Do: This section has the days of the week listed. Jot down what you’d like to do to remember the people on the page. Monday, send a card. Tuesday, deliver a meal. Thursday, drop in with some flowers. You get the idea.

The bottom features three areas:

Calendar: this is just an overall view to remind you of the month’s past and future. Circle important dates to remember and add them to the notes section.

Verse: Each week has a different theme and a corresponding Bible verse for you to remember.

My logo: This graphic is linked to your digital version of the prayer planner. Feel free to use it to jump back to my website to see my latest projects and new downloads and products in the store. I love it when you visit me!

I’m currently offering the prayer planner for FREE to members of my texting family. I will send you the planner each month. I get that some of you would prefer to get several months or the whole year at one time, and that will be available in the shop soon!

Please note – I hate to have to remind anyone of the rules, but you may NOT:

  • Sell the files

  • Sell copies of the printed pages
  • Share the files
  • Offer the files or copies of the printed pages for free

However, I would LOVE for you to:

  • Print as many copies as you’d like for yourself!
  • Tell your friends about it, and ask them to join our text family to receive their free copy or purchase from the store

Text me at 214.609.1648 if you’d like to receive this FREE on a monthly basis.


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