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Minefaire: The #1 Minecraft Event is Coming to Dallas!

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This giveaway is sponsored by Minefaire. All opinions are my own. 

I know a lot of you parents have a love-hate relationship with the video games your kids play. I get that, I am that, but there’s one game that I wholeheartedly endorse for my nearly 11 yo girl and it’s Minecraft. She doesn’t withdraw in her room when she plays. (She is in creative mode mostly, as opposed to survival.) Her favorite way to play it is with her friends by building large worlds that they can share together. When she is playing solo, she recreates homes she sees on HGTV in her Minecraft world. She builds interactive features and complex structures after researching them online. I love the creativity that it encourages for her in an adaptive environment.

Considered one of the best video games to foster imagination and learning in kids (and adults, even architects are smitten with it), Minecraft is being integrated into classrooms in addition to millions of American homes everyday. It’s probably in yours — maybe you play it too? — and if your kids speak creeper and moon stone, you’ll definitely want to “block” out your calendar (Get it? Hee, hee…)  for Minefaire coming to the Dallas Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center  March 23rd, and 6 other locations all over the US this year (check here for other dates and locations). I mean, only if Minecraft themed escape rooms, parent kid challenges, meeting YouTube Minecraft gaming stars and developers, and costume challenges are your kid’s thing. Yeah, I’m guessing they are, so we’ve partnered with Minefaire for ticket discounts and to give-away a family four pack of tickets! (See below for details.)

Minefaire: Official Minecraft Community Event is coming to Dallas for the first time March 23rd & 24th!

I speak from experience when I say that bringing your kid to one of these events is definitely fun and you can appreciate their interests on a whole other level.  This is a unique opportunity to connect with your kids, and enjoy fun together at the #1 Minecraft event in the USA.  Did you know that Minefaire: the Official Minecraft Community Event holds a Guinness World Record for largest convention for a single video game?


  • Meet MINECRAFT YouTube Celebrities
  • Compete in tournaments and build battles
  • Join parent-child build challenges
  • Participate in the famed costume contest
  • Witness nonstop mega-stage shows
  • Learn from Official MINECRAFT Developers & MINECRAFT Education Global Mentors
  • Score Minefaire event exclusives
  • Solve your way out of the MINECRAFT Escape Room
  • Experience MINECRAFT with Acer VR Mixed Reality Headsets
  • Show off your creativity in the LEGO building zones and more!
  • Shop at the World’s Largest Official MINECRAFT Merch Store

WHEN: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24, 2019

WHERE: Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center

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Use Promo Code: MOMMYUPGRADE20 for 20% off

Family four pack of tickets

Children 2 and under are FREE!

MOMMY UPGRADE GIVEAWAY of Family Four Pack of Tickets:

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  1. My niece absolutely loves Minecraft! I have no idea what aspect she loves about it but I know she would really enjoy attending.

    • Good luck! It looks like so much fun!


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