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Deep in the heart: James Avery Jewelry

This post is sponsored by James Avery jewelers. All opinions are my own.

When I was a little girl, my mom started a charm bracelet for me. It was sterling silver and so were the charms that went on it. The very first charm she got me was an airplane which naturally represented my first trip on an airplane. Back then, it was a big deal for a family to do air travel. Not everyone jetted all over the country like today, mostly we took driving vacations, not flying ones.

My second charm was the Washington Monument because the trip we took was to DC. And that’s literally how it started. From there, I collected SO MANY charms from lots of trips that followed, and also for first recitals, 4-H, confirmation… All the moments in time that were significant to young me. Even older me traveling as an adult, I’d still seek out jewelry stores to find them. I later added some for milestones like our wedding and honeymoon. There memory gaps on it where it was hard to find charms but I’ll never, ever part with it.

Fast forward a million years to now that I have a daughter of my own. When the Cupcake turned 9 last year, she was starting to show an interest in nicer jewelry and I wanted to give her something special that was meaningful, a bracelet like the one my mother gave me. That’s when I was first introduced to James Avery jewelry. Once I saw the huge selection of charms, I instantly connected with it and memories came flooding back. We had such a fun time going through all the charms and choosing the best ones for her starter bracelet. There was also that peace of mind that we could continue the tradition because there are 80 stores across the South that we could shop from.

Between me and our family, I think she ended up with 5 charms during that birthday because everyone loved the idea. I adore that she has a story to tell with each twinkly tinkly piece, every one has a special memory tied to it or something that she cherishes that makes her smile when she describes to a friend why each charm is so meaningful to her: her first puppy, the soccer ball, tea parties with her Mimi who passed too soon…

While charm bracelets have been around since literally, the Dark Ages (not kidding, look it up), it is practically a right of passage for any girl or woman from Texas to have a James Avery charm bracelet. It might be because James Avery Jewelry is SO Texas. With 5 manufacturing plants, ALL in Texas, this from the dust up, family-owned company is deeply rooted in the hill county surrounding Kerrville. The finely crafted jewelry designs come in sterling silver, 14K and 18K yellow and white gold, and gemstones for both women and men. Everything they do (design, manufacture, market) is in-house, in Texas.

But it’s more than just Texas roots. James Avery strives to reflect the things that are important in life. Their pieces are a symbol of faithfulness and the comfort of strong held beliefs. It’s a way to express those beliefs and hold them close, even when loved ones or memories are far away. It’s a reminder of, “I love you,” each and every day. James Avery has created a way to capture the essence of YOUR personal story and made it one that you can proudly and stylishly wear. That “deep in the heart,” combined with that “deep in the heart of Texas”ness is probably why people don’t stop, can’t stop with just ONE bracelet.

“I strive to keep designs from being contrived, cluttered, or cute. The challenge is to keep things simple.” – Founder, James Avery.

I might have squealed out loud when I was invited to attend the James Avery kick-off event for their seasonal charm promotion and y’all, this is the time to GO. When you shop at James Avery through May 29th, if you buy two charms, you will receive a charm bracelet or necklace for free, up to a $70 value.* There are 15 styles to choose from, and when I say the combinations are endless, it’s the truth. You can find the perfect gift for mom, the graduate, your best friend…

OH, and the best part. They will solder them on for you. Yep. No more lost charms.

Can you guess how many charms I bought? And how many were for me?! All my friends were like, “I’m shopping for Nana, I’m shopping for so and so who is graduating, I’m getting one for blah blah blah.” And I’m over here going, I’ll take that for me and that for me and that for me… LOL.

James Avery is offering a FREE charm bracelet or necklace (up to $70) with purchase of 2 charms! This offer is valid until 05/29/18.

I couldn’t help myself. My birthday was coming up, and mother’s day and I figured, I’m going to get something I really want this time.

If you had asked me when I walked in what I’d be looking at, I would have told you the hobby stuff that I’m attracted to: cooking, crafting, soccer momming… something fun and predictable squarely in that lane. But when I saw the antique typewriter something just clicked in me. (Get it, “clicked.”)

All the years in J-school, the blogging, the writing all my life. I HAD to have it. And the perfect compliment was the hashtag charm, because I am forever hashtagging and forgetting the right hashtags, and leaving off the hashtags, using the wrong hastags. #hashtagsaremyreality

I mean, put them together and they just said “Trista” all over it. I really dig the vintage vibe of the necklace that the sweet associate helped me find and I literally am working it into my wardrobe everyday. The side of the ring on the necklace  just pinches open so you can add and change out charms super easily.

But really, there’s no better time to “charm” your way into the gift-giving hall of fame with James Avery Jewelry. I had so much fun hearing the stories behind each of the charms the associates were wearing. I’d love to hear your charm bracelet story too. What’s on yours and what would you add or which is your favorite James Avery charm?

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James Avery

It’s with great sadness that the leader of this iconic Texas brand passed earlier this week at the young age of 96. He started his eponymous brand in his garage in 1954 with $250, and with grit, prayer, and a vision for what had meaning to his customers, he created a jewelry company that employs more than 3,500 associates in 80 stores in 5 states. It’s also carried in 200 Dillard’s stores in 28 states and of course online. It’s that dust to diamonds story that is so representative of our entrepreneurial Texas spirit —and I hope a little of that magic rubs off on me too when I wear it. Thank you Mr. Avery for inspiring and providing joy to so many. Your legend lives on in a beautiful way.


*Charm promo details: *Purchase two James Avery charms* and/or pendants and an eligible charm bracelet, hook-on bracelet, ankle bracelet or charm necklace and receive up to $70 off the transaction. Customers purchasing eligible charm necklace (NK-207; $30), charm bracelets (BR-20; $40 or BR-599; $50) or ankle bracelet (BR-613; $40) will receive that item’s value only. Offer valid 04/16/18 through 05/29/18 while supplies last. Available atJamesAvery.com, James Avery retail stores, through James Avery Customer Service, at select Dillard’s Department Stores and at Dillards.com. May not be combined with any other offer or applied to previous purchases. We reserve the right to limit quantities. No cash/credit back. *Glass Enhancer Beads do not count as James Avery charms for this promotion.

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  1. Love your new necklace! And a timely tribute to a great man and a wonderful company. I love my James Avery pieces too.


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