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Coach O’s Ray Baker Story

It’s summer, and it’s hot, and I’m sports-deprived. 

I miss my LSU Tigers and can’t wait for them to get back on the field. Until then, I’m enjoying the Coach O (LSU Head football coach Ed Orgeron) sightings as he stays fit enough for all of us, jogging it out in the scorching sun. 

Coach O LOVES the sun. He loves it so much, he gave it a special name: Ray Baker.  

The Ray Baker story is pure gold, but rather than me share it, I’ll let Heisman-winner Joe Burrow tell you about Coach O and Ray Baker:


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Coach O naming the sun Ray Baker is classic Coach O

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If that wasn’t a big enough dose of Coach O, here he is telling the Ray Baker story himself:

I love this story so much, it inspired us to make a sticker so you too, can have Ray Baker as your workout buddy. These are perfect for your water bottle, your laptop, or your Yeti. I think I’ll put them in all three places.

What do you think? Should we make some shirts too?

Related: anyone have an address for Coach O and Joey B so I can mail them some?

Ray Baker stickers and tank tops available in the shop now. 


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