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A near perfect day

It’s Spring Break in Texas and unlike the weather of last week –which included an ice storm and the Princess Cupcake home from school — today was the type of day that you fall in love with Texas over. Not a cloud in the sky, light breeze, and temperatures in the low 80’s. Beyond the gorgeous, it was a day to count blessings. A Spring Break indeed, from the craziness of life over the past couple of months.

Today, I got to relax. Not like on the beach with a cabana boy waiting on my every tip, but hit the pause button for work, and get out and enjoy the simplicity of life for a day without interruption. I honestly think its been more than a year since I’ve had the chance to really untether like that. I even forgot to check email until 3 pm!

dallas zoo selfie

What did I do? I spent the day at the Zoo with 14,000 other Dallasites, my mini-me and her running crew, plus a friend. The kind of friend that you don’t feel like you have to fill every silence with conversation. The kind you can just sit and watch kids be kids with and just be. The kind that knows you want to hit Yogurtland on the way home before you even say it out loud. THAT kind of friend. She’s also the one that doesn’t remind you of the thousand things you have to do to get your house sold next week or the one in Louisiana ready to sell after that, or how far behind you are on a client project, or that your living room is embarrassingly still surrounded with boxes. And she won’t even bring up the crystal forest that is your dining room table waiting to be sorted out. Nope. The most stressful event of the day was deciding which one of us was taking the boys to the bathroom. (She did.)

giraffe in zoo exhibit dallas zoo

I think we spent about two hours in the car today, but even that was a treat because Car-Gate is over and thanks to an incredible deal at Nissan of McKinney, I have new wheels. We’re still in that honeymoon phase where you’re looking for excuses to go drive somewhere. It still has less than 500 miles on it and the giggles from the back seat as they watched Shrek were enough to make anyone want to drive all day long. When the Cupcake and I finally got home, we found a smiling hubs waiting for us outside, a package in the mailbox sent via Royal Mail from a penpal in England, and a call from my Daddy to return. Seriously, the day was good.

royal mail from England

I can hear the wind picking up as I soak in my warm tub, a tub now filled with Cath Kidston bath salts direct from the UK (shout out @sarahlouiseroberts). My iPad is in a plastic ziplock –just in case– so that I can get back to my poor neglected blog, some red wine just within reach, the puggies curled up on the rug next to me and candles flickering on the ledge. I am thanking God for this great Spring Break of a day.

2014-03-11 16.25.21



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