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Mother’s Day Wonder Woman Breakfast

I read a Facebook post this week from someone about Mother’s Day and how they would answer when their kids ask what they want. It was long and I’m sure you can find it (grab the tissues), but the jist of it was that Moms just really want to be with their kids when they are grown (Moms of bitties on the other hand, probably just want a night in a hotel by themselves… but you get the point). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to a nice present, but for the most part, I think we just want to be appreciated. Day in and day out, we’re driving tiny humans to practices and play dates, planning our whole lives to revolve around their schedules with games and school and friends. It’s how we do. Mostly, we don’t complain or ask for thank you’s – we gain joy from doing for our family. So on ONE day a year, it’s time for the family to do for us. And because they generally don’t DO that very often, I’m here to help out. (Go ahead and leave this post open for them to find it.)

Usually, Mother’s Day starts with breakfast in bed. I mean, I guess that’s kinda the norm, right? The good news is that NOTHING you do for this NEEDS to be extravagant or difficult so go ahead and exhale now. Since you’re being thoughtful about bringing mom her coffee and sweet rolls, here’s the single-most greatest tip I can give you to take that Mother’s Day breakfast extra special.

Choose a theme.

Seriously. A theme. Your theme can be a color or a thing or whatever she likes, but choose a theme and try to match everything to it. If her favorite color is pink, then get pink flowers, donuts with pink icing, pink grapefruit juice, a pink napkin, and a pink mug for her coffee and lay it all out on white or another neutral color so that she’ll really notice the effort you put into the pink. What she’ll remember later is how special and gorgeous it all looked in her favorite PINK.

See, that’s really not so hard.

Want to step it up a little? How about this Wonder Woman theme? Because, really, isn’t she your favorite Wonder Woman? I think so.

Wonder Woman breakfast

NONE of this was difficult, in fact, all the food was store bought straight out of the package. (Go ahead, shudder, but it’s the thought that counts, not the mess in the kitchen that you know you’ll have to clean up when they’re done.) YES, you can make Mom’s favorite food but you don’t have to. A breakfast tray covered in gold shiny fabric, with a Wonder Woman mimosa, some donuts sprinkled with edible glitter in a Wonder Woman bowl, waffles with red and blue fruit, and check out the matching flowers that you dyed to match. I mean, really. She’ll be blown away.

Wonder Woman waffle
wonder woman wine glass

Here’s where you score the extra points. Top it all off with a themed gift: this Alex and Ani bracelet (Available at The Vintage House – they have Wonder Woman CUFFS too! Squeal! YES, they ship!) and I promise you, she’ll remember it for years.

Wonder Woman party favor

Do you love that bracelet? I’ll be giving it away this weekend! Look for my Facebook LIVE on Saturday at 3:30 p.m.

So here’s how I pulled this together:

The glass and mug – I made. You can read how here.

Flowers – I dyed because I couldn’t find blue flowers. Just put cut stems into water with food coloring for at least 6 hours. The color will pull through on white flowers.

See? Not hard. You can do this for your Wonder Woman!


  1. I thought it as difficult after looking at the pics. But, it is so simple. You made it easy, Trista. Thank you so much for sharing such innovative craft.

    • Awesome! Thanks so much for the feedback!


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