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What I’m obsessed with

Here’s a roundup of what I’m crushing on and instagramming this week:

radiant orchid pantone

Radiant Orchid the color of the year. How can you not drink up this color?! I am digging it and wondering what I can use those adorable pots of paint on.

sneaky chef smooth red pasta sauce with hidden veggies

The Sneaky Chef pre made food. Tonight I made chili like a boss with the smooth red sauce, some ground beef, rotel, chili beans and cornbread on the side. Get in my belly! I can’t wait to meet her tomorrow at Central Market.

new project life book

Project Life – the super fast and easy scrapbook system from Becky Higgins. I whipped this baby out in about 45 minutes thanks to the preprinted cards and the pockets in the page protectors. I vow not to let it over-take my life like scrapbooking pre-princess did — and to do this each Sunday evening for a few minutes so I can sum up the highlights of the week.

spongebob squarepants as a mailbox

Spongebob Mailpants – the marketing minds at the USPS at work. I literally did a double take when I saw this, partially because I forgot that a normal mailbox used to be there. Word is the post office teamed up with Spongebob to encourage kids to write more letters. You know, and buy more stamps. Whatever, it’s adorable and I think they should keep them like this for-eva.

vision board how to make

My vision board turned box – yeah, I’ll pat myself on the back for a minute. I really adore how this turned out.

starbucks cds for kids

Music for Little Hipsters – This mellow mix from Starbucks is eclectic cool and we are loving the songs from around the world. No idea what they’re saying… but we sure feel like we’ve evolved from the movie soundtracks while we’re riding around town jamming to them. It has parent age favorite singers like Lisa Loeb and Devo, along with a track from Yo Gabba Gabba and a few that probably should have been on the show. Fun stuff.

colorful appliances at target

French Bull everything – I stopped dead in my tracks at Target when I saw these. What the chevron is that?! The crockpot would have come home with me if it hadn’t been sold out. The toaster nearly did, except the rattling of our toaster oven in my backseat was a reminder that I probably didn’t need it — yet. Maybe if I drop that monster on the way into the house it will break and I can get a new one? Regardless, I found the French Bull website and well… let’s just say they had the perfect kids plates to go with the music I just showed you. I adore this line.

And finally, this gem. I have to thank my IG friend @mrshein for introducing me to this. It’s a 3 year Q&A Journal for kids.

3 year kids journal

Each page has a different question on it with space for your kids to briefly answer for 3 years. It was priceless only 5 minutes into having it. The Princess Cupcake’s answers could not be more heart melting. Like the answer to this question for example, “If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?”

3 year journal for kids

Her answer: “I have always wondered where all those coconuts lived. What’s that place called? Chicago? (I tell her) Oh! Hawaii! I’ve always wanted to go there.” I had no idea she wanted to go to Hawaii, and the answers that pop into her head are just precious. As you can see,  I am writing the answers for her since she is still learning and I want to capture all of what she says. Later when she gets bigger she can fill it in herself. I also got the grown up version of it for myself but I am wishing I had gotten the couples version instead…

downton abbey returns

And lastly, how could I not mention the obvious. Downton Abbey is back. Yay! Although I may or may not have seen the episodes already, I will say that this is the best season yet and that won’t stop me from loving every minute of them. Sunday nights just got great again! And the fact that I’m on a waiting list for this doesn’t make me an uber fan or anything.

new from department 56

I mentioned I like England, right?

UK flag pillow

Here’s the one that got away. Not buying this fab British flag pillow from Bed Bath and Beyond was likely a mistake given my love for all things Downton. I may have to pop in there this weekend — with a coupon, of course!

flu medicine

And last but not least, here’s a must-have in Texas right now. Tamaflu x 2. Bring it flu season!


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