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All the llama love for ShangriLlama

Llamas do not like hugs. (Super disappointing.)

Llamas will pose for selfies. (I have digital proof.)

A llamas’ diet is super restricted. (According to the Mama Llama expert.)


Which makes their poop an outstanding organic fertilizer. (Again, taking her word for it – but I may have proudly carried home a bag of llama droppings for my husband to test the theory.)

Those are just a few of the fun facts you will learn when you visit ShangriLlama in Parker, Texas. This quaint llama ranch is a delightful little secret that is the perfect edutainment for animal lovers of all ages.

I took the Cupcake to visit ShangriLlama because — llamas — and I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting, but I know it wasn’t to come eye-to-eye with a llama when I opened the barn door! These gentle creatures are roaming freely among guests, allowing you to pet them and take photos. But like I said, no hugs please, they really aren’t so into that according to Mama Llama, who will guide you through a 60 minute all things-llama lesson.

Think that sounds like a long time for a llama lesson? It’s SO not. Mama Llama is engaging and funny, and she shares really interesting llama facts, all the while the llamas are doing their llama thing around the barn. I could have stayed there all afternoon. When it was (sadly) over, the Cupcake was begging to move to a ranch because our stick-in-the-mud HOA doesn’t allow for livestock. Personally, I don’t need one more thing to take care of, but I was ready to hand over all my money for the 3 hour llama walks! (They start next month in November BTW.)

By the time you leave, you’ll be able to spot the differences between llamas and alpacas, throw down some righteous llama puns and trivia, and probably take home some great photos of these furry faces.


Think of how fun ShangriLlama would be for a scouting trip, birthday party, corporate event, or just a group outing! They even work with PTA fundraisers and school field trips. ShangriLlama’s llamas are fully licensed, insured, and they don’t kick, bite or spit at people! That might be why they’ve even been seen walking the red carpet and in Game Stop ads!

ShangriLlama is located at a private ranch in Parker, Texas (near Southfork Ranch and east Plano). For the safety of their animals, ShangriLlama doesn’t publish their address but they will provide it when you make a reservation.

ShangriLlama offers two unusual activities including:

  1. Llama Walks – During this three-hour adventure, you will walk among a pack of friendly, beautiful llamas! You will walk every llama in the pack, stopping halfway for a mini llama lesson, and will then share what you learned with people you meet on the trail. Llama walks take place between November and May, and are for ages eight and up. Reservations are required.
  2. Llama Lessons – You will learn about llamas head-to-toe during this one-hour session, which takes place in a climate-controlled barn. You’ll even get close up and personal taking “selfies” with the llamas. Llama lessons are available weekends year-round plus midweek during the summer and holidays. The minimum age requirement is 4 years old. An adult with an admission ticket must accompany minors and advance reservations are required.

CLICK HERE to reserve a llama walk or llama lesson. (Pssst – they often have Groupons too!)

Meet the Llamas (profiles and photos courtesy of Shangrillama.com)

Dalai Llama – An unusual and peaceful llama with TWO blue eyes and a fluffy white coat.

Drama Llama – A llama from Argentina with a beautiful Appaloosa coat, a merle face, and a fringed neck.

Como T. Llama – Cast as the star of Llama Cop, a Starz Digital comedy. His name means, “What’s Your Name?” in Spanish.

Barack O’Llama – Not to be mistaken for Obama Llama or Osama Llama.

Bahama Llama – A two-toned llama that loves to listen to Caribbean music with his pack mates while indulging on tropical plants.

Contact ShangriLlama at 972-632-9385. Learn more about ShangriLlama in their blogFollow ShangriLlama on Facebook.




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