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Toy Story 3 Party

So I’m waaaay overdue on sharing this with you. Like 3 months. I’m trying to be better at posting and not just collecting great stuff to share with you. I apologize. I’ll be better. But this was worth the wait. Promise.

The Princess Cupcake was invited to an over-the-top cool Toy Story Party for her friend Drew. And Drew’s mommy is… how do I explain sheer craft godliness? Hmmm. She might could (that’s the Louisiana way of saying maybe could) have her own show and I can’t believe she’s not blogging for realz. (Comment below and maybe we’ll force her into a guest post or two? Hint, hint?) Everything she touches turns to magic. In fact, her house — with the BLACK chandelier — is so awesome, me and another mommy threatened to lock her and her family out so we could move in as is. Anyway, you get my point. She’s your friend that you want to go hang out in her craft room on the weekends. And she decided to have a Toy Story 3 Party for her son.

When we got the invite, (“sector” was replaced with their address) we were ALL in! It certainly set the stage for what Princess Cupcake would probably call the party of the year. If she understood what “year” really meant. Regardless, the parents were talking about it for weeks.

toy story party invite

Since it was mid-July, one guarantee was that it was going to be a Texas scorcher. The backyard was filled with inflatable pools (yes, plural) with slides, squiggly sprinklers, beach balls, a sandbox and easy-ups for shade all through the backyard.

Arriving at Toy Story Pool Party  Toy Story Pool Party  Toy Story Pool Party

That was outstanding fun for a bunch of 3 year olds in and of itself, but the inside was ALL Toy Story. On every TV, including the media room, the movie was playing. You know, to set the stage. Or in my child’s case, perform in front of it.

Performing at Toy Story Party

When you got thirsty, there was water,

Toy Story Water

In case you were hungry, there was Planet Pizza,

Toy Story Planet Pizza

And cupcakes,

Toy Story Cupcakes

With martian hats,

Toy Story Martian Hats

Color-coordinated balloons and streamers everywhere. And my happy husband – whoops, how’d he get in there?

Toy Story Balloons  Toy Story Streamers

And here’s where it starts to get crazy good… Movie banners,

Toy Story 3 Movie Banners

Potato head mustaches (chocolate on a stick),

Toy Story chocolate mushtaches

Big Al’s cheese puffs,

Toy Story Al's Cheese Puffs

Treat bags in case you wanted to lift some of the candy goodies, (DUH! You don’t have to ask me twice!)

Toy Story bags

Like piggy cake pops, chocolate covered martian Oreos, homemade marshmallow chocolate covered stars (divine), star sugar cookies, homemade green gummy army men, and I am sure I left so much out…

Toy Story Pig Cake Pops   Toy Story martian oreos   Toy Story Star Marshmallows and Cookies  Toy Story Candy Bar

If that wasn’t enough, there were buckets of goodies (with Buzz Lightyear sunglasses!) to take with you when you left. As IF my child would leave willingly. Nope. She’s not stupid, she knows who has the fun house. She CLOSED. IT. DOWN. And cried because she didn’t want to leave. Really, can you blame her?

  Toy Story goodie bags  Happy Toy Story Party

Great fun for everyone! Thanks Sabrina Perrenoud – it was a BLAST, and you’ve raised the bar oh, so, high… 🙂

Follow Sabrina on Pinterest. She is VintageJustice – check out her board, “My Pinterest Come to Life.” Beg in the comments below and she may share her Silhouette tricks. And BTW, I’ve seen the Halloween costumes she’s made for her baby and for Drew — to die for.

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  1. Well, we do might need to work on the presents for coach/kids for the last game!

  2. I need to see the Silhouette tricks!! Please please!


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