What’s up with Fall Christmas trees, anyway?!

There are two kinds of people. One rolls their eyes when they hear Christmas songs in the supermarket in September. The other (like me) loves ALL the holidays and believes that there is no such thing as too early to decorate.  So, this post likely won’t change your mind if you’re a die-hard don’t decorate yet kind of person, but it might give you some insight on why you actually DO want to shop for decor now instead of waiting until “the season.” In this video, I’m interviewing my friend Kristin Black, who is the general manager of Texas’s number one, premier Christmas store, the Decorator’s Warehouse.

The Decorator’s Warehouse is a family-run business that has been around since 1989. Kristin is the daughter of the owners so she’s barely one step removed from a Hallmark movie. There is nothing she doesn’t know about decorating for the holidays. I come here ever year to gather my supplies and visit with her to catch up on the latest holiday trends.

The store is flat-out ginormous with about 20 different theme displays throughout the store. I have tons of holiday decorating tips to share with you over the next few weeks. but today, we’re just focused on why you should consider decorating early and what in the world is going on with Christmas supplies this year. 

harvest tree

Decorating a Harvest Tree

Before we get into early Christmas decorating, we need to discuss these fall-themed trees for a sec. I know they exist, but seeing one in Decorator’s Warehouse has completely convinced me that I need one. (If you’re the same, they have alllllll the fall signs, pumpkins, and autumnal decorations to choose from.) If I could buy this tree as is, I think I would have, but since that wasn’t an option, I asked Kristen for some tips about fall decorating trends. 

After pointing out some of the over-size pumpkins and cute fall signs, Kirsten explained that Harvest Trees actually make it easier to transition into Christmas.

In early fall, simply start your tree with seasonal decorations and then just roll it into Christmas design. This is something that is becoming increasingly popular and Decorator’s Warehouse are selling more trees that are kept up all year round and just switched out according to the holiday or season.

Kirsten admitted that she has a fall or Harvest Tree in her house too, but because she’s the expert, she has cleverly themed one side for Halloween – all black and white with pops of orange, and the other side for fall and Thanksgiving. How great is that? All she has to do is turn the tree round to fit with the occasion and she has a holiday tree that lasts from September through Thanksgiving!

When to Start Decorating for Christmas?

Last year I dug my tree out earlier than I had ever done it before, you may have too. During the pandemic, we all needed a dose of that holiday cheer so I don’t think that was too unusual, but I do hear the grumblings about the retail stores are bringing out their Fall and holiday offerings earlier and earlier. I asked Kristin if this was a trend that would become the norm and if she thought people would continue to decorate earlier each year.


This might be a controversial topic right but I say do what makes you happy! It’s your home, it’s your lifestyle and if it’s going to bring you joy, I’m all for it.

Last year we saw people decorating earlier and earlier.  At Decorator’s Warehouse, our season started a little bit earlier last year, than it had in the past and it peaked a little bit earlier too. So sure. I think that’s probably a trend that’s here to stay.

And you know, 2021 is a unique year too. There’s been a lot of supply chain disruption and that means we don’t always know when we will get products in  and you know, when things are gone, they’re gone. So we really are recommending that people shop early just to get the best selection and all the choices. 

Kirsten went on to explain that although there’s been a lot of port congestion and delays on imports, that Decorator’s Warehouse had placed their orders earlier than usual for this year. Even though we are currently still in September, they already have 95% of their Christmas stock in hand, so they are in a good position. However because a lot of small businesses and shop designers shop at DW, but may also be having supply issues of their own, they are likely to increase their regular buys from Decorator’s Warehouse. That means that the inventory at Decorator’s Warehouse is likely to go more quickly than in previous years. Um… yikes! And it makes me wonder if all the stores will sell out early this holiday season. 

And that’s yet another reason to shop early, guys! Personally, I am a procrastinator so other than last year, Christmas always seems to sneak up on me.  But I love this idea of putting a tree out early, decorating it for fall, and then just switching out the dressing or decorations to fit the season or theme. I will admit that sometimes we’ve kept the Christmas tree up and redressed it for Mardi Gras which is just how we roll. 

mardi gras tree

As well as shipping delays and port congestion, Kirsten explained that the vendors that supply Decorator’s Warehouse are not keeping as much stock in their warehouses, and they are increasing costs. The good news is however, that Decorator’s Warehouse is doing their best to absorb these extra costs.

So there you have it. For those of you who don’t like seeing everything so early, this is definitely a FOMO moment. If you wait until your think it is the right time to buy, you might not get what you want, and you likely won’t have such a great selection to choose from. My recommendation? Get your tree out now, grab the holiday decor as soon as you can, and treat yourself to all the things for every holiday from Halloween through to Mardi Gras. 

And for those of you who can never have too much Christmas, see a selection of past holiday posts below.

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