The elves are back! I know this because before dawn I had a 5 year old swoop in and grab my hand, dragging me up the stairs to her room and pointing at the ceiling.

elf return

Oh, and the donuts and milk mess they left with red and green glitter sprinkled on top was a dead give-away.

elf leftovers

It’s been a year since they got to leave the North Pole. I guess they were so excited that a party at the Perot house would have to include swinging from the chandelier at some point. I’m just glad they didn’t fall on her when they were flying up to  her chandelier. It makes me so nervous when they do their antics in her room, let alone on a light fixture suspended directly above her bed. Can you imagine if she had woken up while they were scrambling up there?!? That would have scarred all of us!

To say she was excited to see her elves is a huge understatement. The Princess Cupcake spent the next 20 minutes talking to Chintz and Jewel and telling them all about what happened to her Mimi (she passed in April) and her cousins (we just visited over Thanksgiving) and I’m not sure what else because my heart was melting so much I had to walk away. She talked all about her Christmas elves all the way to school, which was a sigh of relief as I thought their return was a bit anti-climatic (apparently not through the eyes of a kindergartener). And as soon as we came home that night she ran to check on them, telling me we have 8 “people” in our family:

1) Her
2) Blankie
3) Mommy
4) Daddy
5) Beignet
6) Beaureguarde
7) Chintz
8) Jewel

I’m going to need more stockings.