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Paying it forward with Giving for Good cards

Y’all, I have the best Christmas present idea for the person who has everything – and insists they want nothing!

I mean seriously, you can’t show up to their party empty handed – even though they are adamant that they don’t want anything — ESPECIALLY if they’re giving you something. That’s just awkward.

Take my parents for example. They say they don’t want anything for birthdays and Christmas anymore because they’re getting rid of “stuff.” I get it. They are unloading that “stuff” on me every time I see them. They’ve requested that all future gifting come in the form of donations to scholarships they’ve established at different academic institutions that they have affiliations to. I can just hop online and Paypal my present in. Yeah, so that’s cool and convenient, but what about all of the other hard-to-buy-fors?

I’ve got your answer. The Dallas Foundation has created “Giving for Good” cards. They work just like a retail gift card, only the value is redeemed as a donation to any nonprofit in the United States. You can buy the cards and gift them to friends, relatives, clients, colleagues…. And they get to choose a charity that resonates with them to make the donation.

giving for good from dallas foundation

You can purchase these one-of-a-kind cards at and yes, you get a tax deduction! They are available in 3 denominations: $25, $50 and $100 with a small processing fee. Recipients of the card “redeem” it on the Dallas Foundation website by clicking on the Redeem button, and then they may choose one or multiple non-profits to benefit from the amount on their giving card. The Gift of Giving card is redeemable for ANY non-profit – not just Dallas-area non-profits! Think about that… everything from the ALS Association to DFW Pug Rescue to even the local PTA, the person receiving the card can make a difference because of your gift to them. That’s kind of the ultimate in paying it forward, right?

I really think this is brilliant! I’m so excited about this program and how it allows you to give truly meaningful gift. I was given a card by the Richards Group to test it out and the most difficult things about it is to decide WHO to give it to! I think I’ll need to order more (they’re good for up to a year from purchase) and spread the giving. I may even drop one into the church collection basket this Sunday.

If you think this is as genius as I do, you can purchase your cards at this link.  The purchase will be processed within 5 business days and cards mailed within that time period. You still have time before the holidays but these wonderful cards are available all year as well.


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