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The Man Who Invented Christmas

This time of year you can easily dial up any number of versions of the Charles Dickens famous tale, The Night Before Christmas, everything from painful pop and SNL versions to Mickey Mouse and (my favorite imitation) the Muppets. Unquestionably, the original sets the bar, but this…. THIS new movie steals the show.

The Man Who Invented Christmas tells the tale of the actual writing of the infamous tale. Based on actual events, it spins the story of how tortured Dickens was to produce the winning novel, and what pressures writers suffer to be creative on demand. His writing process is about bringing these colorful characters to life – actual life in his office, and talking with them, and all the hilarious interruptions that ensue in a home full of children, a boisterous and problematic grandfather, renovations, maids and the like. Steadfast on his mission, he takes inspiration from everyday events and people he encounters to weave this tale that ultimately changed how we celebrate Christmas today.

The whole family really, really enjoyed the movie, The Man Who Invented Christmas. It didn’t hurt that dreamy Matthew (Dan Stevens) of Downton Abbey fame was starring in it, but that’s neither here nor there, right? When you have a movie with Christopher Plummer as the untenable Scrooge, you know that it is an instant seasonal classic.

It was funny, it was engaging, it was sad, it was relatable, it was a tiny bit long in the middle (if I’m being honest) but I loved every all of it. The costumes were fantastic, the sets beautiful, the story solid. We took the Cupcake to see it and she really connected to it – and the little toot was inspired so much, she came home and over the next two days slaved over writing a five chapter story by herself. I’m not even kidding. That’s called a surprise benefit of family movie day.

Do you love the Dickens classic, The Night Before Christmas? If you do, comment below. I have partnered with the movie’s PR firm to give away this fun prize pack to a lucky MommyUpgrade winner! I’ll draw a winner on the 22nd!

So check it out on your free time before Christmas, it’s fun for all the family. Here’s the preview below.


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