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The easy way to make a cake with polka dots inside

You’ve seen it on Pinterest I’m sure. The polka dot cake.

I was obsessed. I had to make it. How did they get the dots inside? I had to know!

Spoiler alert: It’s actually quite easy. The secret is that you make cake balls, but not the traditional cake with icing mixed together to make a cake truffle to dip in chocolate. These are quite literally balls of cake.

Here’s the inside of my polka dot cake that I made for the Global Data Vault crawfish boil.

the inside of a polka dot cake

I wish you could have heard the reaction when they cut into the cake and saw the dots. Priceless! You know you want to make one! But don’t tell anyone what’s inside, let them discover it. So fun…

Easy Polka Dot Cake:

Start with two boxes of white cake mix. Make them per the instructions on the box – except add a box of instant pudding to the batter. Keep them in separate bowls.

Use gel food colors and dye one of the bowls of batter whatever color you want. I was making a blue and white cake to match the Global Data Vault logo, so naturally one bowl had blue batter, the other white.

Get out your BabyCakes Cake Ball Maker (You can use a cake ball baking pan too) and put the batter that you’re using for the dots into a zip lock baggie. Snip the corner of the baggie off and make your cake balls.

making cake pops

I made two batches of white cake balls, one batch of blue and put the rest of the cake batter aside. Yum, tasting for quality control…

cake with inside polka dots

For this three-layer cake , I was using six inch round cake pans, greased and floured.


Pour a layer of batter into the bottom of each of your pans. I was alternating the layer colors, making two blue layers and one white middle layer. So I have three pans with a small layer of batter in each, two blue pans, one white.

Take your cake balls and put them on top of the layer of batter in each pan. Be sure to alternate cake ball color with the cake batter. Leave room between each cake ball and don’t let them touch the sides of the pan.

polka dot cake batter

Spoon batter (the color that matches the bottom layer over each of the cake balls) until completely covered up. You don’t have to make the batter reach the top of the balls, it will bake and rise up to meet the top of the cake balls. But that’s why it’s important to cover the pre-made cake balls.

Bake according to directions on the cake mix package. Make sure that when you test your cake for doneness, you don’t poke a cake ball since you know that it’s already baked!

That’s it.

Decorate as usual. I chose big honkin’ dots for the theme for this cake because weeelll… it was like foreshadowing and I knew the secret of what was inside and no one else did.




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