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St. Patrick’s Day Pots of Gold at the End of a Rainbow

Well blimey! We got visited by a lucky leprechan who left us a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

How cute are these tiny pots of gold???

I may have mentioned around Valentine’s Day, how much in love I was with these little apothecary jars?

Yes, well, they come in a package of dozen so I set a few aside with this project in mind. It’s an inexpensive but such a happy project for St Patrick’s Day!

Here’s what you need:

Mini Apothecary Jars  – The ones shown are from Oriental Trading

Gold spray paint – I can’t remember where I sourced this, but you can find it on Amazon (click image – affiliate link)

Rainbow yarn – I used Lion Brand Yarns, Landscapes – color is Boardwalk Promenade (found at Hobby Lobby)

Hot glue

Gold wrapped candy. I used Werther’s Original. (Also found at Hobby Lobby)  A small 5.5 oz bag will fill 2 jars.

Here’s what you do:

Remove the lids from the jars and give them a good spray of the gold paint. Let dry.

Make some pom poms. Now, previously I’ve made my poms with either my fingers or using a fork. This time, I tried out a friend’s Craftastic pom pom maker. If you want to make several pom poms, this is the bombdiggity!

It’s easy to use. Wrap the yarn around the posts. We used the full board so I could make a BUNCH of pom poms! The guide says to use 40 strands but I wanted them to be really full, and use two sets of the colors in the rainbow yarn, so we probably wrapped it around 60 times.

Next, tie off your yarn in increments according to the size you want for your poms. Remember, that the tie is the MIDDLE of the pom, so the width between the two will determine the size of your pom pom.


They suggest a certain knot to make sure the tie is secure. Basically, it’s a wrap three times and tighten, wrap twice and tighten, then one regular knot and tighten.

Now cut the middle of the poofs.

Fluff and trim the poms to make them rounded, and cut off the tie strings.

Aren’t they cute?!

You’re almost done.

Fill the jars with the candy.

Hot glue three pom poms to the top of the jar.

Put the lid on the jar and you’re done!

These are so happy, I think I’ll leave one out all year. I mean, rainbows, gold and caramel. Does it get better than that???

If you make these, you should enter them in the Oriental Trading give-away! March is National Craft Month and we’re celebrating it in a big way! We’re giving away a $50 Oriental Trading gift card every day in March and entering is easy.  There are two ways to enter:

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I love being a part of the  the Oriental Trading brand ambassador program because they contribute fun supplies for my craft projects like the jars featured in this post. While the product was free, all opinions are still my own.

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  1. Super cute! Great spring break craft


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