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Products to Pamper the Hubs

Sponsored post by Mirum Shopper. All opinions are my own. Unilever is the NCAA partner, not Walmart.

There are a few habits of my better half that absolutely drive me cray-cray. Like when he takes the trash out, he never, ever, I say never, replaces the trash bag.

Or when he sets his alarm {that sounds like the Starship Enterprise is under attack} to go off long before mine, and then proceeds to punch the snooze for an hour while blissfully snoring loud enough to shake the rafters for each of those 9 minute increments.

Or that he has yet to learn that we have a fan in our bathroom that REALLY helps get the humidity out after his hot showers. What I wouldn’t give for a good hair day when he beats me to the steam.

I suspect these are pretty universal husband complaints and I don’t fault the (nearly) bald guy for forgetting what magic that button holds for those of us with longish, naturally wavy hair. He can’t possibly understand.

serenity prayer

As we approach our 16th wedding anniversary, I ask for serenity as I know these things will not change. In fact, I choose to embrace them. Just like I learned to embrace all of college football season and how sacred those game days are to him — even when they fall on your anniversary.


But… he puts up with me and my crazy-overscheduled lifestyle and even though I may be racing him to get to the shower first so I can get the Cupcake to soccer, I can still take care of him when I’m already rolling down the tollway and he’s headed to the sofa to watch the game. That’s why I’ve partnered with Unilever to give the big guy a few things to pamper himself with because, armchair quarterbacking those games are stressful y’all! And crazy button-pushing man that he is, he’s all mine and he deserves good products. (But they can’t cost TOO much or I’ll hear about it.)

So here’s what’s in my Walmart basket this week:

walmart basket of unilever products

Suave Men 2 in 1 Ocean Charge Suave Men Ocean Charge 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner – My guy may not have a lot of hair, but he has a little and even a little can get unruly. This 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner saves time in the shower and keeps the peach fuzz soft. It smells really clean and fresh too. The 28 oz size is perfect for big hands and let’s face it, it’s like a year’s supply when your hair is this short!


Dove Men + Care

Dove Men + Care Extra Fresh Comfort Face and Body Wash – I’m not sure what this scent is, I think it’s got pheromones in it or something. Just kidding, it doesn’t but it does smell sooooooo good. I love how the scent fills the bathroom after he’s done in the shower. The Dermatologist recommended Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Body Wash uses unique MICROMOISTURE technology, which activates on lathering, helping to lock in his skin’s natural moisture and makes it feel more hydrated. The shower gel has a cooling agent in it, and washes away quickly without leaving residue behind – which is a good thing because he tries to throw away any of my hand soaps that “feel greasy.” This one passes the Big Daddy test.

vaseline men healing moisture

Vaseline Men Healing Moisture Fast Absorbing Body and Face Lotion. Yeah, even guys get dry skin. They do not tend to like lotion however, because it’s slimy and they can’t get the feeling off their hands. This Vaseline formula must have been developed by men, for men because it’s light and absorbs within 15 seconds. It even helps to heal dryness for 3 weeks.

degree adventure deodorant

Degree Men Adventure Deodorant – No stinky pits! This manly stick smells great and offers 24 hour protection. It smells rugged, woodsy but has a bit of citrus and musk. It’s a great layer to the face and body wash! Sweat away my hubby! Those OT minutes are no match for you now!

axe black spray for men

AXE Black Body Spray – Save the expensive smell-goods for important days, this subtle fragrance is perfect for game-watching or golf-playing. I’m a sucker for bergamot, rosemary and cedar wood – and this AXE spray complements the body wash and deodorant well. Although, the coolest thing about this spray might be the way it twists to open and close! Throw this one in your bag when you take a trip because you’ll have no worries about spilling it or it spraying while you’re traveling.


unilever men's products

So here’s to my football loving guy, may he be fresh smelling and clean no matter how hard the Tigers make him sweat or what call that blankety-blank ref makes!



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