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Perot Museum Giveaway

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Happy Birthday Perot Museum of Nature and Science! You’re a young 2 years old, but already a Dallas darling. I was lucky enough to attend a special luncheon celebrating the 2 year anniversary of the opening of the Perot Museum and to hear about the amazing things they’re doing and exhibiting and offering.

Eugene McDermott Chief Executive Officer of the Perot Museum, Colleen Walker

Eugene McDermott Chief Executive Officer of the Perot Museum, Colleen Walker

It was like drinking from a freaking fire house, they are so jammed up with amazing exhibits. I was incredibly geeked out, I couldn’t take notes fast enough so I’m just going to spit it out in random order and know that at the end of this post I have admission tickets to give away. ALSO, you  can get a 15% discount on any new membership or renewal through December 12th if you call into the membership desk at  214.756.5751 and say that you were referred by MommyUpgrade.

Here’s just some of the fun:

math alive at perot museum

2theXtreme: MathAlive! Trust me when I tell you that kids won’t realize how math effects their everyday lives until they’ve gone through this exhibit. Visitors can snowboard through a mountain pass, design their own video game, attempt an Ollie on a virtual skateboard, and master engineer a modern city. Video games, sports, fashion music space, robotics… all with hands-on interactive activities.

perot museum math alive

The Robotics area was refreshed with 16 stations for visitors to play and learn through challenges and competitions. There are also robots with wheels, tank tracks and grippers.

Sherlock Holmes is coming to Dallas. The beloved literary character who first used chemistry and forensics to solve complex crimes set the stage for police work, some of practices that are still in use today. Starting February 14th, you can be transported into Sherlock Holmes’ London to solve a crime. This exhibit is only traveling to 4 museums around the country!

Movies! They have this jaw-dropping theater to see some amazing movies that DON’T involve musicals.

  • The ROBOTS 3D is showing and the robot experience area has been expanded to include 16 stations!
  • You also want to check out the Galapagos 3D movie which is billed as part scientific expedition and part fantastic voyage, and yes… you’ll see turtles.
  • Pandas: The Journey Home 3D illustrates these wonderful creatures and how the Chinese are going to extraordinary efforts to secure the panda’s future in the wild.
  • Frozen: Well, okay. Yes, they are even showing Frozen for a limited engagement. But that’s just for the holidays. 🙂

They found a dinosaur in Ellis county. The story is pretty fantastic, but she will be even more so when she’s standing on the museum floor! The mammoth was 85% complete and is on a fast track to be assembled for display in the next year or two (these things take time!).

There are 5 Nobel winning scientists working with the museum and they have all donated their medals to the museum for display. Back up and read that again. 5 Nobel-winning scientists working with the museum. 

When touring the museum, they even have Samsung digital tablets with positional directions available to enhance your experience.

Upcoming Events include:

Polar Express: pajama party and crafts with a movie – my kind of fun!

Winter Wonderland demonstrations: Daily animal adventures with the Dallas Zoo, fruit DNA extraction, liquid nitrogen demonstrations, snow science.

It’s no wonder in the past 2 years The Perot Museum has had 2 million visitors through their doors. They are already considered a top 10 resource museum in the US.

I didn’t leave the event without a stop in the gift shop, and I left with a bag full of Christmas gifts for the Cupcake. I plan to return when my scientific family is in town over break. They even have extended hours over the holidays.

You need to go too. I have two sets of 4 tickets to give away that are good through January 4th. But this is such an amazing place, I know you’ll want to join. Call 214.428.5555 for membership and tell them MommyUpgrade sent you for 15% off through December 12! (Code good for renewals too.)

Enter below. Give-away ends December 12th.
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  1. We have never been to the Perot Museum, but we would love to experience it all. It all looks like so much fun!

  2. The extreme math looks awesome.

  3. Can you believe we have not yet been to the Perot? So disappointed to have missed the Dino exhibit last year….

  4. Well of course I always love your blog and mainly I follow your facebook page. But my favorite posts of yours is your elf on the shelf every year. It is so funny! Would love to go to the Perot museum for the first time!

  5. I really can’t wait for my girls to see, “MathAlive!” Me-I’m looking forward to Sherlock Holmes!


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