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Halloween Mummy Cupcakes

Boo! Happy Halloween to you!

I had some homemade marshmallow fondant in my refrigerator just begging to be used — and a pre-trick or treat gathering that needed a snack to share. And look what happened?!


cute Halloween mummy cupcakes

These Halloween mummy cupcake toppers are super easy to make. Take you fondant and roll it out to 1/8 inch thick. Layer strips haphazardly in a second  and third layer on top. Then take your circle cutter and cut through the layers to make the mummy faces. I used mini-chocolate chips for eyes, or you could use fondant or any dark candy, or even the Wilton eyeballs would be cute. I thought they were adorable without mouths, but decided to complete the face anyway.

Halloween mummy cupcake toppers

First I tried drawing the mouths on with a food writer, but with all the mummy layers it looked messy. Then I resorted to my Zoku cutters and cut out some mouths from black fondant.

mummy cupcakes

The mummy cupcake toppers are sitting on orange cupcakes with cream cheese frosting dyed orange, and a couple have white butter cream frosting if you can even notice the difference in the photo. Don’t ask why they don’t match. Let’s just say, it’s been a scary week. 🙂

Happy Halloween from this “mummy” to all my favorite “mummies!”


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