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Mother’s Day Top 10 Wish List

“Let’s see when Rio 2 is playing.

Dang, it’s already started. I wonder if there are any other movies you can watch.

Hmm. Mary Poppins? Really? At Studio Movie Grill?”


“Uh… (grumble) okay. Let’s see when it’s playing. (Tap, tap, tap) It’s only showing on one day.”


“Looks like it’s not until May 11th.”


“Why is it playing on May 11? (tap, tap, tap) Oh. Right. It’s Mother’s Day weekend. I mean –” (I couldn’t get the words back fast enough.)


— Let it be known, I do not want to go to Mary Poppins on Mother’s Day. —

Shame on you Studio Movie Grill for suckering me into this conversation with a 6 year old who forgets nothing, NOTHING. I DO NOT want to go see Mary Poppins on Mother’s Day weekend — unless there’s wine involved. Then I might sit through Mary Poppins on Mother’s Day weekend if I have to. But on Mother’s Day, I shouldn’t HAVE to do anything. Or drive. I’m definitely not driving myself to see Mary Poppins on Mother’s Day. And I’m NOT going unless Daddy’s going. Because if he’s not going, he’ll be sneaking out to play golf instead. And then it’s not Mother’s Day is it? Then it’s Father’s Day. Just like every other Saturday and Sunday.

Seriously though. Do we make Dad’s watch Leave it to Beaver on Father’s Day? If I go to Mary Poppins, you’re going to see Pinocchio, sucker. You can DVR the US Open because fair is fair!

Since I was ambushed by said 6 year old while writing this, I thought it would be fun to ask her what she thought Mom’s should get on Mother’s Day. Here’s the Princess Cupcake’s ideas for what makes great Mother’s Day gifts – straight from her mouth:


Chocolate covered strawberries, I saw those on TV for Mother’s Day. The Roses too.


And a card”

Me: One more, give me 5 total.

“And a Rainbow”

Alas, I think she’s on the right track, although I’m afraid I was bit more materialistic. Of COURSE her love is plenty for me, but I had already made my Mother’s Day wish list that I was hoping Daddy might ask for (not in order of importance) so here goes:

1) Vera Bradley Fanfare Cutout bag with matching wallet – okay, I may have bought the bag for myself already… What? I had a birthday coupon that was expiring! Thank you Vintage House!

Vera Bradley Fan Fare Cutout Tote

2) Gift Cards to HomeGoods, Tuesday Morning, Ikea, Ross, etc – I am in a serious I love deals phase, otherwise known as it’s Spring and I feel compelled to spend money phase.

3) Absoluetly anything at all from Cath Kidston, Green Gate and Emma Bridgewater. I am over the moon excited to be able to visit these stores in person when we head overseas later this year!

CK from web Green Gate Emma Bridgewater


4) French Bull Slippers and matching mug – these make my heart flutter.

french bull1 vine slippersfrenchbull2 vine slippers bottomfrench bull 3 vine travel mugfrench bull 4 coffee mug in vine

5) This stunner from Tiffany, “because everyone deserves a Tiffany moment.” Ever since I splurged on a birthday gift to myself from Tiffany, I stalk them online and daydream about everything in their catalog. This bangle would look spectacular on me if I do say so myself, and I love that it comes in 3 sizes.

Tiffany scroll bangle

6) A full day of honey-do’s – the list is long and I don’t expect it all to be done. I’d just like my own personal handyman for the day. Or even half of the day. One that doesn’t tell me he’s missing a waa waahh waaa waaa, and can’t do it. Or,  “Why would you want to do that?” Or, “I think we should do this first…” Don’t make me nag or feel bad about asking, just say, “yes, dear.” All I want is my chandelier and my TV hung. That’s not too much to ask! I’d even suffice for watching you schedule a real handyman to come and do it in your place if you think that’s less likely to result in an emergency room visit.

7) A rose bush (or two) – The Princess Cupcake and I are on the same page here. I heart all things shabby chic and cabbage roses are my fave! Before we sold our old house, I dug up part of our gorgeous rose bush that my (now deceased) Mother-in-Law had given us and I’ve been so worried it wouldn’t survive, but now it’s got leaves! Yay, Yay, Yay! I can’t wait to have a backyard that’s a little less empty pots mixed with a graveyard of iron furniture, and a little more English garden. (Image from LovelyLittleDetails.com)

pink cabbage rose

8) A great bible cover. Maybe if I had one, I’d actually remember to bring mine with me to church. And it’s on SALE!!! I adore anything damask so it’s no wonder I fell for this right away.

scripture art bible cover damask

9) Instgram is my new Facebook which is why I love that these custom iphone cases from Casetagram that are made from your photos on IG, and that you can get a subscription so you have a new one each month! (You can even sell your designs!) It’s the gift that keeps on giving all year long. Also good for iPads, Galaxy, and Galaxy Note.


I know it seems like there should be 10 but I forgot what the last one was, lol. If I remember, I’ll add it. Until then, tell me what should be the 10th on my list!

What’s on your Mother’s Day list this year?


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