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Minecraft: The Island review


Holy Hannah. I’ve really tried to keep up with all my daughter’s digital pursuits but this one… Oiy.

I love that she is creating architectural landscapes based on homes she sees on HGTV, and even recreating Hogwarts Castle in this weirdly square world. I’m going to go ahead and categorize it as “research” when she uses the Minecraft reference books to make new structures and then logs onto YouTube Kids to watch how-to videos.

So yeah, that’s all cool. But when she starts to talk about redstone and creepers, I’m just nodding and acting like I have a clue.

Then… the new novel was released called, “Minecraft: The Island.” She looked at it lovingly in the B&N, asking me if we could get it. (Click the picture to find it on Amazon – affiliate link)

minecraft the island

“Uh, no. You don’t read.”

That’s just one more book to add to her collection of stuff that just sits on the shelf because it doesn’t have pictures. Remember when I told you about the whole comic books thing? Yeah, we’re still locked in on graphic novels and that’s totally cool, but I’m not buying another chapter book because she likes the cover. Nope.

However, awesome mom that I am, I did download the story from Audible.

Hello, crash course in Minecraft 101.

Now before you think that there couldn’t be a greater torture, I will tell you this. It is narrated by JACK BLACK. THE Jack Black. And it’s awesome. He does an amazeballs job at bringing the story alive. And guess what, I learned so much about Minecraft because I hit the pause 1,000 times to ask the Cupcake about certain attributes of the game, which of course she quickly and succinctly schooled me on.

Even better, the book is GOOD. The main character wakes up in the world of Minecraft with no recollection of how he got there or how to return to his human world. He has to learn how to survive in this new environment where things are so different than his human existence. The story illustrates persistence, overcoming challenges, progress from problems. The lessons are sprinkled throughout the chapters so it’s not preachy, but then summarized in the epilogue at the end which is great because usually I highlight great quotes from books — impossible to do when listening to audio as you speed down the highway. They are all in a cumulative list at the end. This book is gold people. I hope it becomes a NYT Best-Seller!

I’m recommending this to all PMK’s (Parent’s of Minecraft Kids) to listen to WITH your kids. Seriously, go get your cubes on.

While we’re talking about audiobooks, I have been asked a few times about our favorites. Here’s a link to the ones Cupcake and I have really enjoyed. I’ll keep adding to it so maybe bookmark or pin it for later.

And speaking of Minecraft videos, there’s a big deal YouTuber coming to the area’s Main Events!!! Preston Playz (check out his channel here) will be appearing at several Main Events during these last days of summer. Details here.

Here are the remaining dates and times!

Ft Worth South
4801 Citylake Blvd E
Fort Worth, TX 76132
Aug 12: 6pm-8pm
9375 Dallas Pkwy
Frisco, TX 75033
Aug 19: 6pm-8pm
407 W. State Hwy 114
Grapevine, TX 76051
Aug 26: 6pm-8pm

Block on, people!

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