If you’ve been to a crawfish boil, you know that the tables are for mudbugs whole and the parts. The whole table! It’s a big hot mess. But sometimes when you’re having a party, you still want a little something to fancy up the landscape.

crawfish boil centerpieces

Here’s a quick DIY for a crawfish-themed two-sided centerpiece you can make for your next crawfish boil.

Here’s what you need and where you can get it:

  • Black buckets – all the buckets featured in these photos are from Hobby Lobby. Before the sale, they were $3.99 each.
  • Beans – Generic dry beans, the heavier the better. Get these at any grocery store, approximately 1 lb per centerpiece.
  • Floral foam squares – these were $1.99 from Hobby Lobby
  • Wooden dowels – these came in a package of 8 at Hobby Lobby. Sorry, I don’t remember the price on these but not much.
  • Red duck tape – also Hobby Lobby but any craft store or home improvement store will have this
  • Red chenille stems – available at any craft/hobby store
  • Small pinwheels – two per centerpiece available at Hobby Lobby, 99 cents each
  • Balloon weights with sprays – two per centerpiece, available in multiple colors at Party City
  • Red paper shred – available at any craft/party store or Container Store.
  • Ribbon – I used crawfish-themed canvas ribbon from US Toy
  • Printed signage for your event – I used our party logo on white paper, glueing it to a piece of red accent paper behind it.
  • Inflatable lobsters – yes, I said lobsters. Don’t tell anyone that they aren’t REALLY crawfish. I doubt the average Texan attending our party can tell the difference. These are from US Toy. Order extras for the kids.
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks

DIY crawfish centerpiece

Putting this together is super easy!

Measure enough ribbon to wrap around the bucket and make a knot on one side.

simple ribbon tied bucket

Cut the ends at an angle so they don’t fray and look decoratively finished.

Place a spot of hot glue on the bucket in the middle of one side and position the middle of the ribbon to it.

Flip the bucket back around and tie it in the front, securing with a dab of hot glue under the knot.

Place a drop of hot glue on each side of the bucket under the ribbon so that it stays securely in place.

Pour 1 lb of beans into the bottom of the bucket.

use bean as a weight to centerpiece

If you’re in a REALLY windy outdoor location, consider using heavier rocks or other weights in place of the beans.

Smush the floral square (still in it’s plastic wrap) into the bucket to the top of the beans.

assembling crawfish boil centerpiece

Push the wooden dowel into the floral square – off center.

dowel in floral square

Inflate the crawfish.

On the back of the crawfish at the bottom of the tail, there’s little belt loop kind of thing. Loop the chenille stem through the belt loop and then stand the crawfish up on the floral square, against the wooden dowel. Use the chenille stem to secure the base of the crawfish to the wooden dowel.

attaching crawfish to dowel

While holding the crawfish in place against the dowel, use the red duck tape to hold the inflatable to the dowel. Don’t put the tape higher than ½ the height of the crawfish or else it will be seen.

Glue your mini sign to the front of the pinwheels.

2016-05-04 14.50.20

Put glue on the tip of one pinwheel and insert into the middle of the balloon weight.

2016-05-04 14.50.28

Do the same for the second pinwheel.

Fan out the wire sprays on the balloon weight by gently bending away from the middle.

Put lots of hot glue on the bottom of the balloon weight and glue to the top of the floral block on an open space near a corner.

Do the same with the second balloon weight on the back side of your centerpiece on a corner or wherever it will fit.

Cover the top of the exposed portion of the floral block with hot glue.

2016-05-04 14.50.32

Press the paper shred into the hot glue on the top of the floral block.

Place on table and enjoy!

Mardi Gras Subway Art

Mardi Gras Subway Art

Everything you love about New Orleans and the holiday that makes it famous, all on one sign! If you’ve ever experienced Mardi Gras in person, every one of these words will stir up a memory. If Mardi Gras is still on your bucket list, then this is your “must-do” list. It’s perfect for your at home party, or as a page in your scrapbook. 


Laissez les bons temps rouler! 


Download your Mardi Gras Subway Art