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Looney Tunes and Yogurtland

Hey hey hey. We LOVE some frozen yogurt. In fact,we’re a little snobbish about our fro-yo.Even though there are frozen yogurt places in nearly every stripmall,they are NOT created equal.If you follow meon FourSquare, you’d know that I am nearly a quintessential expert.

On our very short list of Princess Cucpake-worthy establishments, Yogurtland is near and dear to our stomachs. The quality is always consistent, the flavors are fantastic, the toppings always fresh and neat, and they run terrifically unique promotions like the one starting next week.

This summer lovable Looney Tunes characters are coming to life in a flavorful way at Yogurtland. On July 8, Yogurtland will kick off a summer promotion featuring six flavors inspired by Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, Road Runner, Taz and Marvin. Select Yogurtland locations will also have launch parties including free yogurt and prizes including the Frankford location in Dallas.

Here’s the run down on the flavors:

• Yogurtland’s new Carrot Cake frozen yogurt blends real carrots, hand-selected spices and cream cheese frosting for a taste that will have fans saying, “What’s up, Doc!” Bugs Bunny would be the first in line to fill his cup with shredded carrots, Yogurtland’s first vegetable topping.

• Inspired by Daffy Duck, Decadent Dark Chocolate Orange frozen yogurt blends premium cocoa with a light natural orange finish for a flavor that’s so decadent it’s deth-picable! Top it off with dark chocolate, orange-covered cranberries.

• Inspired by Marvin, Kosmic Fruit Kaboom Sorbet is out-of-this world delicious with pineapple, lime, banana and a secret ingredient – spinach. Need more Kaboom? Top if off with Pop Rocks for an added explosion of flavor. (59-cents per individual packet)

• On the delicate side, Lemon Cream Cookie frozen yogurt is a tasty “tweat” even Tweety Bird would “twy.” Made with real cookies and lemon, this flavor will make putty tats jealous.

• Inspired by Road Runner, Cactus Berry Tart combines real cactus pear with Northwest marion blackberries, blueberries, and red raspberries for a light tart taste guaranteed to cool down even the hottest day in the desert. “Beep! Beep!”

•  Taz would chew his way through anything to get to Yogurtland’s Devil’s Food Cake frozen yogurt. Top it off this untamed chocolate deliciousness with shaved curls of dark chocolate that will leave taste buds swirling.

That’s all folks!

Promotion information provided by Yogurtland. 


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