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Last minute Halloween ideas

by | Oct 26, 2016 | Halloween | 0 comments

Someone please tell me how Halloween snuck up so fast? Seriously, I still have to get my decorations out of the attic! If you’re in the same boat as me, and thinking maybe that trip to the attic may not happen this year, do yourself a favor — stay off of Pinterest and focus on a few easy ways that you can still have some last minute Halloween fun.

Halloween happens to fall on a Monday this year. I know, what a drag for the kids. They’d rather have the whole day to ghoul, but you can still give them a little unexpected BOO in their lunchbox.

Start with some healthy oranges, and all you need is a sharpie to turn it into a pumpkin.

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But you know that a little sweets will really make their day. How about this mini treat? All you need are miniature Reese’s cups and pretzel sticks. Put them together, and you have deliciously wicked little witches brooms.

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Maybe you don’t have much outside in terms of decorations yet? Here’s an incredibly easy way to make spider webs and I’d bet you have everything you need at home already: scissors, tape, trash bags. Yep, that’s it. Check out this tutorial on Fast Forward Fun:


Once you have your spider webs hung, make a few of these easy ghosts. It took me less than 5 minutes to make one! All you need is a round plastic Christmas ornament, scrap pieces of black felt or black paper, hot glue, glow stick, cheesecloth, and string. Glue some black “eyes” onto your ornament, activate your glow stick and put it into the ornament and drape the cheesecloth over it. Hang with the string from your trees outside! Check out the full tutorial on Domestic Fits.


Not all your trick or treaters can actually eat the candy you’re handing out thanks to scary allergies. Can you even imagine? I feel bad for those kiddos so this year, we’re definitely on board with the the teal pumpkin movement and offering non-food items for those who are challenged with food sensitivities. Read more about the Teal Pumpkin Project here. And because we usually walk the neighborhood with the Cupcake, ours will be self serve. I got a pre-carved styrofoam pumpkin from Joann and spray painted it teal. Took 5 minutes to put together and I can use it year after year!


One of my favorite Halloween activities is to BOO your neighbor. Have you heard of it? You put together a basket of goodies for a neighbor and leave it for them as a surprise. Don’t put your name on it, leave them guessing who did it. Include a note that they’ve been BOOed and to keep it going. Be sure to include a door sign so they don’t get BOOed again.

we've been booed

Here’s a link to a cute BOOed sign from Uncommon Designs Online you can download and print out for free. And take a look at these ADORABLE baskets that I’m using from Personal Creations!

pcr16_16f304_beauty_cp_sq pcr16_16f414x_beauty_cp_sq pcr15_15f160_beauty_cp_sq

I’ll post photos of my BOOs later this week!


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