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Labor Day Weekend Fun

Labor Day weekend.

One of those weekends where it was mostly nothing special, mixed in with a few remarkables.

A funeral, a football game, gourmet hot dogs and a pecan pie. And I totally unplugged from work. Yes, I did.

Saturday started with the funeral for my friend Cindy, who you’ve heard me talk a lot about lately. While it was sad, it was funny. It was closure.

Then it was time to do an emotional U-turn and head out to Jerry World, Cowboy Stadum, AT& T Stadium

AT&T stadium

to watch the LSU Football season opener against TCU.

Geaux Tigers!

2013-08-31 20.08.21-1  2013-08-31 20.20.13

Can you tell we had some great seats? We could fist bump the band…

2013-08-31 19.07.47-1 2013-08-31 19.06.40-1

And yell at the coaches.

2013-08-31 18.55.43-2  2013-08-31 20.07.12 2013-08-31 22.45.33 2013-08-31 23.06.17

We tailgated in 104 degree heat, argued the enforcement of the new NFL bag size limit, and maybe had a few adult beverages, sans the shorties.


My TCU alum friend Camille and my LSU alum self.

And I missed the Cupcake the whole time.

2013-08-31 20.33.16

Well, about 75% of the time.

I can’t even tell you where Sunday went but I know it involved a lot of coffee (Did you know that Starbucks has Pumpkin Spice Latte already?!),

2013-08-31 08.15.51

a vacuume cleaner, some paint, and numerous bags for Goodwill. It’s amazing the stuff you can get done at home – when you’re actually at home.

Monday was family fun day. Thanks to the rain, we all three went antiquing at a local mall, a scouting and recognizance mission for all the antiques we’re about to have to move.

I have always wanted a lion for the front of my house – this one is so sweet.

ornamental lion

Be still my heart, this booth was shabby chic central.

2013-09-02 14.06.25

Then a spur of the moment decision to visit Hoffman Hots, the unique hot dog restaurant just across the “bridge to nowhere” as the locals call it.

Dallas bridge

But I beg to differ. It’s the bridge to Hoffman Hots, and hotdog nirvana.

2013-09-02 14.58.29

Located in Trinity Grove: 304 Singleton Blvd, Dallas

hoffman hots menu

Your choice of German Frank or Kielbasa, I went for the Ranch Dog (fried onion straws, chipotle ranch, sweet pickle relish), the hubs for the Reuben dog (Swiss cheese, chopped bacon, sauerkraut, Russian dressing) with a side of  Asian slaw, and the Cupcake got the “Puppy Dog” (only $1 Monday – Sunday!) with a side of creamy mac and cheese. See the Hoffman Hots menu here. 

2013-09-02 15.08.40

She and I may or may not have split an old-fashioned Oreo custard shake too. (The chocolate one was the hubs, I swear. So was the Tabasco.)

2013-09-02 15.09.46

I will plead the 5th in case any of my freakishly healthy friends happen to be reading. I’m sure they’re doubled over in horror at the thought of a hotdog AND custard shake in one sitting while they sip their freshly juiced kale, yard grass and flax seed concoctions.

But let me tell you – that hot dog was awesome.

2013-09-02 14.59.16

And I’m going to go again. And I’m not waiting for another 3 day weekend to do it.

The weekend was topped off with a special delivery all the way from Louisiana. My wonderful traveling friend Bianca literally hand-delivered another little slice of “home.” A pecan pie from Lea’s Lunchroom in LeCompte, Louisiana.

Leas Kitchen Pecan pie

Now that’s how to wrap up a weekend!

How was your Labor Day weekend?


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